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RedStorm Sign Control & Reporting Software

Sign Control & Reporting Software Screens

The RedStorm Sign Control & Reporting Software resides on a central computer and operates over the facility network. Once the software is installed, RedStorm 2.1 Parking Guidance Systems can be added in any lot or garage that has access to the facility network. The permissions based user interface supports system status and generating parking data reports.

The Sign Control and Reporting Software organizes and manages all RedStorm Systems on the facility network. The software is compatible with our RedStorm 2.1 Parking Guidance System and Smart Signs

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How it works

RedStorm 2.1 Parking Guidance System
When a RedStorm System is installed on the network, the control software provides the ability to change the names of zones, transition points and RedStorm Systems from factory set codes to familiar or logical names. Additionally, current vehicle counts and capacity changes can be made in the software. The system can be scheduled to reset the counts by zone. These reset counts and reset times can be different for every zone. The software also supports a Live XML Feed of available space counts, giving you the ability to display real–time, open space counts through your internal web services.

User Interface
Sign Control & Reporting Software User InterfaceThe User Interface is responsible for generating reports based on the RedStorm 2.1 Parking Guidance System data. This interface allows the user to adjust current counts and capacity if permission has been granted to the user.

The User Interface is secure; access to information is permissions based and password protected. The web interface is viewable on any device on the network.

Smart Signs
Using the scheduling feature, allows the Administrator to set a perpetual weekly schedule for each Smart Sign. The schedule contains a daily time-based list of messages for each day of the week. Schedules are specific to Sign Types and loop until edited or temporarily interrupted with a manual or scheduled override Sign Control & Reporting Software Reports function. Schedules are also equipped with a conditional function allowing Smart Signs to react and change based on real-time parking data from the RedStorm Parking Guidance System.

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What You Get

When integrating software with
RedStorm 2.1 Parking Guidance System

Unlimited Scalability
Once the software is installed, you can add as many RedStorm 2.1 Systems as you want

The Requirements

Sign Control & Reporting Software Requirements
Computer Requirements (by others)

Network Requirements