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The ABCs of an RGB Sign & the Benefits of Full-Color, Dynamic Signage

Nov 23, 2021

The ABCs of an RGB Sign & the Benefits of Full-Color, Dynamic Signage Image

Modern, outdoor LED signs typically take on two forms: monochrome display — most often in white, red, green, amber, or blue — or full-color display. An RGB sign allows for full-color and dynamic/animated messaging on display boards. This makes RGB an excellent choice for capturing customers' attention, driving them to your business, and keeping your company's messaging fresh. Let's explore RGB signage and the benefits investing in it can bring.

What Does RGB Mean?

RGB is an acronym for Red-Green-Blue — the three primary colors for light-emitting mediums. This is contrary to the typical primary colors (Red-Yellow-Blue) used in paints or pigments, which absorb light rather than emit it. In RGB signs, each pixel or light-emitting diode (LED) of the display board is comprised of three separate lights — red, green, and blue. These three individual lights are typically referred to as sub-pixels and allow RGB displays to create color.

How Does RGB Create and Change Colors?

RGB Spaces Available Image

RGB signs can create any color by changing the lit sub-pixels and how brightly they shine at any given moment. For example, if a yellow pixel is needed, the red and green sub-pixels would illuminate and create the impression of yellow. Adjusting the brightness of the red and green sub-pixels will determine the brightness and the perceived shade of yellow. And, when all three sub-pixels are illuminated at full power, white light is created. Contrarily, when all three sub-pixels go dark, black is made. When colors need to change, the sub-pixels' color will change along with their illumination intensity. An RGB sign can be programmed to display static images, show several different images at timed intervals, display a strobe effect, and the sub-pixels can be programmed to "chase" one another, essentially animating the displayed image.

What Are the Benefits of RGB?

Color is the most significant benefit of RGB signs and one of the most important aspects of branding. Without color, branding — and consequently, the signs supporting the brand — is one-dimensional and might be overlooked. Human eyes are naturally drawn to bright colors and movement. Those are two inherent characteristics of RGB signs, making them ideal for companies looking to grab passersby's attention and convert them into customers.

Another benefit full-color, dynamic LED signs provide is the freedom to advertise on your sign what you want, when you want, and how you want in full color. The messaging of these signs is customizable, allowing end-users to create unique, distinct messaging to suit their needs — holiday messaging, available discounts, on-sale items, special events, etc. — as frequently as desired.

Further, RGB LEDs are brighter than monochrome, making them extremely visible in direct sunlight and crisp and clear in low-light conditions. This may not seem like a big deal, initially. But, over time, catching more eyes equates to more impressions, more potential customers entering your establishment, and hopefully greater profits.

Compared to neon, fluorescent, and incandescent lighting for signage, RGB LEDs are energy-efficient and consume less power. This combination makes an RGB sign an extremely cost-effective choice. Finally, your sign reflects your company's image. You only have one chance to make a first impression. Make sure it's a positive one with a modern, full-color, dynamic LED sign.

Who Should Use RGB Signage?

RGB Flag Image

Nearly every business across almost every industry can reap the benefits of implementing and using an RGB sign. Banks might feature lowered interest rates on loans or a cash incentive for opening a new account.

Parking facilities can feature full-color, dynamic signage on their walls as a means of showcasing discounted or subscription parking rates. They can use them to display hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly parking rates at the facility's entrance. They can even sell advertising space on the sign to local businesses, perhaps those the parking facility serves.

Arenas, entertainment venues, and amusement parks can show upcoming events or exciting new attractions to encourage sales. Any business wishing to visually showcase its products, services, and other offerings can adopt RGB signage to gain a competitive advantage. The possibilities are nearly endless.

Signal-Tech will officially launch its RGB sign offering at the International Parking & Mobility Institute (IPMI) Conference & Expo — November 29 – December 2, 2021, in Tampa, FL. Our RGB signs, as well as an array of other product offerings — parking signs, clearance bars, the RedStorm Parking Guidance System, and RedStorm Sign Control & Reporting Software, to name a few — will be showcased at the Signal-Tech booth (#314). If you're ready to upgrade your current signage with a bright, crisp, full-color RGB sign, be sure to stop by our booth to see it in action and learn more!

Unable to attend? Visit to learn more about our industry-leading LED signage systems and solutions. Or contact us today to learn more about RGB solutions and how they can benefit your business!