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What Can Bank Drive-Thru Signs Do for You?

Oct 18, 2021

What Can Bank Drive-Thru Signs Do for You? Image

When a customer pulls into your bank's drive-thru lanes, there is an opportunity to exceed their expectations and provide the best possible customer service. Crisp and highly visible digital signage in the drive-thru should be the first thing your customers see, and it is an excellent way to begin their superb experience at your bank. Below are several types of bank drive-thru signs and what they can do for your banking facility to help serve your customers better.

Open Closed Sign Image

Open/Closed Signage

Open/Closed LED bank drive-thru signs direct traffic to available teller lanes, and they couldn't be more straightforward in their directions. When the sign is illuminated reading, "OPEN," this drive-thru lane is open. When the sign is illuminated reading, "CLOSED," this drive-thru lane is closed.

These signs come in a variety of sizes and layouts, allowing you to choose the aesthetic you prefer for your facility, including:

These signs are readable in direct sunlight, weather-resistant, and energy-efficient. They are the perfect product to let your bank's drive-thru customers know which lanes are open and which ones are not.

ATM Signs

Much like Open/Closed signage for bank drive-thru lanes, ATM signs let drive-thru ATM customers know which ATM lanes are open and which ones are closed. However, they also denote that the lane is specifically for automated electronic banking with messaging including, but not limited to:

  • ATM
  • ATM Only
  • 24-HR ATM
  • ATM Lane

ATM signs are available in LED direct-view or backlit message design and customized for your unique sizing specifications. And, just like Open/Closed signage, ATM signs are weather-resistant, energy-efficient, and readable in direct sunlight.

ATM/Night Drop Sign Image

Specialty, Commercial, and Multi-Use Signage

Banks don't just handle personal accounts; they have commercial and other types of customers and accounts that often have particular needs and requirements. They may also require your bank’s services after standard banking hours. Specialty, commercial, and multi-use bank drive-thru signs are the ideal solution to meet the needs of these customers and let them know these lanes are open. These signs include, but aren't limited to:

  • ATM/Night Drop
  • Commercial Banking
  • Night Depository
  • Night Deposit
  • 24 HR Night Deposit
  • ATM/Night Depository
  • Drive-Up Open with ATM Open
  • Teller Assist
  • Interactive Remote Teller

Specialty, commercial, and multi-use signs can be customized to your specific needs. And just like Open/Closed signs and ATM signs, they are weather-resistant, energy-efficient, and readable in direct sunlight.

Financial Smart Signs

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to control your bank drive-thru signs automatically, without standard switches, and even when no one is at the physical location? With our centralized network sign control, Smart Sign System, you can. Remotely controlled drive-thru signs are an ideal fit for banks with:

  • Teller services that are moving to a central location
  • Interactive teller machines that are installed in the drive-thru lanes
  • Branches with drive-thrus staffed with remotely located tellers
  • Drive-thru teller service hours that extend beyond traditional branch hours

Our Financial Smart Signs are identical to our traditional LED signs and fit within the same physical footprint. However, they're controlled by software, not switches, allowing for programmed control of your facility's signage. Best of all, once the Smart Sign Software is installed, additional Smart Signs can be added to the network as your bank's needs grow!

Low-Clearance and Directional Bars

Clearance Bars in action Image

Not every vehicle is going to fit within the confines of your bank's drive-thru. Banks can install free-hanging low-clearance and directional bars for their drive-thru lanes to avoid potential structural damage to your facility and protect your customers' vehicles. These signs alert drivers of the drive-thru's clearance height and can be customized with any messaging, e.g., CAUTION – CLEARANCE 8' 6", wayfinding directions, and directional lane usage. Further, these bars are available in any length and can be manufactured in any color. Promote safety and protect your building by including low-clearance and directional bars at your banking facility.

Signal-Tech is the leading LED sign company for the banking and financial industry. If you're ready to improve traffic flows, increase customer satisfaction, and automate the lane control of your branch's drive-thru, we're prepared to provide you with the necessary signage, software, and equipment to do it. Our experts will recommend the best possible signage solution to meet your current and future needs. Contact us today to learn more!