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Choose Your Illumination type
To get started, please select your illumination type.
  • Direct-view LED
    Individual LEDs form the message or symbol. Message illuminates when on and blanks-out or disappears when off. You can overlay or superimpose up to three messages in most signs over 7” high x 18” wide. Overlaid messages will display independently and blank-out.
  • LED Backlit with blank-out capability
    Can feature a monochrome symbol or block letter style message. Message illuminates when on and blanks-out or disappears when off.
  • LED Backlit
    Can feature a block letter style or full color graphic message. Message is readable without illumination
Choose your message and colors
Please type your message and colors in the boxes below. Leave any boxes you don't need blank. Our standard colors are listed below but if you need a full color printed graphic or custom color, please indicate that.
LED Colors
Message 1
Color 1

Message 2
Color 2

Message 3
Color 3
Choose your cabinet size
Use this form for signs up to 48” x 96”. Need something larger? Contact us. Cabinet dimensions are in inches, H x W.
  • 7x18
  • 7x34
  • 7x42
  • 14x18
  • 14x34
  • 14x42
  • 8x11
  • 7x7
  • 10x10
  • 18x18
  • 18x7
  • 34x7

Enter a custom cabinet size (in inches):
How are you planning to mount your sign?
Not sure on how you want to mount your sign? Click here to learn more.
  • Wall Mount
  • Ceiling Mount
  • Side Mount
  • Recessed
  • Single Post Mount
  • Double Post Mount
Choose your voltage
  • 12-24 VDC
  • 120-240 VAC
Do you need a control switch?
  • yes I need a control switch
  • no switch
Are there any additional details
Anything else we should know about? If so, tell us in the space below.
Please review your choices
Everything look ok? If not, use the previous button below to go back and make corrections. If everything looks good, we just need a few pieces of information in order to provide you with a quote.
Illumination Type Message & Colors

Cabinet Size Mounting
Voltage Control Switch
Additional Details
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