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RedStorm™ Parking Guidance System

RedStorm™ 2.0 Parking Guidance System answers the question...
"Are there any open spaces?"

RedStorm Parking Guidance System is a stand-alone system that combines real-time vehicle counting with Space Available & end of aisle signs.

Here's how the PGS works.
As a vehicle enters the parking garage or lot it passes between a pair of sensors or over loop detectors that senses their direction of travel. When vehicles enter the parking garage, the number of open spaces is reduced by one for each vehicle entering. Conversely as each vehicle exits, the number of open parking spaces is increased by one.

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During this time, the system control center is in constant contact with the Space Available and End of Aisle signs communicating changes in the number of open or available parking spaces. As the signs receive updated information the LED counters on the signs display the new number of available spaces. And all this occurs in real-time.

Why RedStorm™ Parking Guidance System?

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It's accurate.
You can count on The RedStorm™ 2.0 Parking Guidance System System to detect vehicles even when there's tailgating. We use infra-red technology to detect vehicular movement. Our sensors use a 7 foot wide sensing field to provide maximum coverage over the traffic lane and a narrow 3" deep sensing field to ensure it can detect individual cars even in bumper to bumper traffic situations.

It's the simple, low cost parking guidance system solution.

It's a versatile parking guidance system.
RedStorm PGS is a fit for existing parking facilities as well as new construction. It can be installed with our sensor technology or designed to interface with a 3rd party loop detection system. And it's scalable. A global count RedStorm System can be expanded in the field to handle nested count areas, level by level counts or even multi-lot campus style parking.

It's a GREEN parking guidance system solution.
The combination of RedStorm's Space Available signs and real-time car counting capabilities makes finding an open parking space faster, more efficient and eliminates parking congestion.
Faster Parking = Lower Exhaust Emissions and Improved Air Quality.

When you choose RedStorm PGS you choose a parking guidance system that is

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