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Wholesale Manufacturer of Directional LED Signs & Signals

About Signal-Tech: The Leading LED Sign Company

What Makes Us the Leading LED Sign Company for the Wholesale Industry?

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Signal-Tech was founded in 1928 and focused its manufacturing efforts on billboards and large-scale, custom neon displays. In 1954, the focus shifted to creating a drive-thru lane controller for the financial industry. They used their expertise and knowledge of direct-view, neon tubing to create the first-ever, dual-message (open/closed) drive-thru lane controller. Since then, Signal-Tech has been trailblazing drive-thru signage, and in 1999 developed direct-view LED signs that finally solved the biggest problem in the industry – sign readability in direct sunlight.

Signal-Tech took its LED signage and systems solutions expertise and expanded its reach beyond the financial industry by entering the parking market. Signal-Tech continues to grow by using creativity and innovation to solve some of the largest and most unique problems in directional signage. As the leading LED sign company, we create LED signage and systems solutions for both indoor and outdoor applications across several industries, including:

  • Banking and Financial
  • Institutional and Industrial
  • Parking
  • Transportation

The Leading LED Sign Company: Who We Are & What We Do

We are a team of dedicated professionals committed to marketing, manufacturing, and selling high-quality LED directional signs and signals to the wholesale industry. We use the latest, most reliable technology and the highest quality components on the market to manufacture our products and always exceed customer expectations. As the leading LED signage and systems solutions company, we create products for both indoor and outdoor applications, including:

  • Bank/Credit Union Drive-Thrus
  • Highway Lane Control & Weigh Stations
  • Parking Garages & Commuter Platforms
  • Rail Crossings & Commuter Platforms
  • Loading Docks & Service Bays
  • Imaging Equipment & Testing Rooms

At Signal-Tech, customer satisfaction is paramount and a point of pride. We believe that excellent customer service makes a tremendous difference in how you do business and how successful your business will be. When you choose us as your LED sign company, you receive free drawing and design services, free quotes in two hours or less, friendly technical support, online assistance, and countless ways to personalize your sign. We ship faster than most in the industry: next-day shipping on stock products and two-week lead times on custom signs.

Our Mission, Vision, and Core Values

Our Mission

We are an adaptive culture, dedicated to family values and driven to use innovation and creativity to achieve our customers’ and partners’ expectations. We don't just build signs; we build relationships that sell signs.

Our Vision

We are a sales and marketing company, and as such, we are committed to providing the best solutions for our external and internal customers. We are driven by creativity and innovation to continuously evolve and exceed the changing needs of our customers and partners.

Our Core Values

Our core values are a direct reflection of the way we build relationships and those values shine through in the products we sell. We became the leading LED sign company by demonstrating:

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    Excellent Customer Service
    We are dedicated to satisfying our customers' needs, both internally and externally, through established relationships that focus on consistently meeting and exceeding our customers' expectations. We work with customers and vendors in a collaborative environment to yield beneficial solutions.
  • Continuous Innovation Icon Image
    Continuous Innovation
    We foster creativity and embrace all ideas through brainstorming and collaborative efforts. We maintain a competitive advantage through the imagination and adaptability of all our employees; and continually improving in all facets of the business by encouraging change and innovation.
  • Commitment to Family Icon Image
    Commitment to Family
    We believe the words "What A Company" defines who we are. The "Company" is comprised of the people within the building and their families who support our efforts both at work and in the community in which we live. We are committed to providing a career, not just a job, and continually investing in our employees as our most appreciable assets. Furthermore, we are dedicated to keeping Erie jobs for Erie families.
  • Fun Icon Image
    We believe in promoting a positive and rewarding work environment where we celebrate everyone's successes, big or small. We enjoy what we do and show appreciation through various company events and rewards.
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We have the talent and resources to change course and direction quickly, ensuring we never miss a beat with our customers. Having flexibility is essential to providing our customers with superior products and services when they need them. We are committed to being completely vertically integrated from concept and design to execution.

A State-of-the-Art LED Sign Company

Our Products are Engineered and Assembled in the U.S.A.

Every Signal-Tech product is designed, engineered, assembled, and tested at our facility in Erie, PA. We utilize cutting-edge technology and manufacturing processes to engineer and assemble our LED signage and systems solutions so you’ll always receive products of the highest quality.

Some of the raw materials & electronic components used to make our products are imported. However, Signal-Tech takes pride in purchasing the imported materials from U.S.-based vendors that use responsible sourcing practices.

As much as possible, we source our components from local vendors. If a local source is unavailable, we will utilize vendors and suppliers from across the country as we believe in helping U.S. companies employ U.S. workers. Across the supply chain, our outsourcing helps hundreds of thousands of U.S. workers remain employed. Locally, we support the employment of more than 250 team members of the Erie-based companies with whom we conduct business.

  • Design Processes Icon Image
    Our Design Processes
    We pride ourselves in providing exceptional customer service and it starts with our design process. We offer free product drawings and design services within two hours of the request, as well as free quotes.
  • Fabrication Processes Icon Image
    Our Fabrication Processes
    Signal-Tech is vertically integrated, with all fabrication processes taking place in-house. Our fabrication processes use the latest extrusion technology and precision tooling to deliver the highest quality parts, components, and products.
  • Quality Control Processes Icon Image
    Our Quality Control Processes
    Strict quality control is maintained in our manufacturing processes. We utilize automated optical inspection (AOI) technology to test all our circuit boards for failures and quality defects.
  • Engineering Processes Icon Image
    Our Engineering Processes
    Our engineers continuously find new and innovative ways to improve our products and processes. We also utilize mass customization to add flexibility and personalization of custom-made products while maintaining competitive pricing.
  • Manufacturing & Assembly Processes Icon Image
    Our Manufacturing & Assembly Processes
    Our world-class manufacturing and assembly facility uses state-of-the-art technology to attach surface mount, high-temp epoxy LEDs on all of our signs. We use corrosion-resistant materials to ensure product longevity and offer custom paint colors for virtually every product.
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    Our Shipping Processes
    Signal-Tech products ship faster than virtually any other LED sign company. We offer next-day shipping on our stock products and two-week lead times on custom signs.
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Our Unparalleled Technical Support
We offer top-notch, U.S.-based, friendly technical support and online assistance on all of our products, many of which have a five-year warranty