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Parking Space Available and End of Aisle Signs with LED Counters

Digital Space Available Parking Signs

Space Available Signs

Space Available signs take the guesswork out of finding a place to park by displaying the open or available parking space count on signs in a parking lot or garage. This is made possible through an interface with your parking system count module.

Each Space Available Sign is uniquely designed and engineered for you. From the branding on the sign face to the placement and interface with the parking equipment, our signs are designed, engineered and manufactured to your requirements. We welcome partnering on small and large scale projects. Contact us today to learn more about this product.

Our signs are durable and constructed to last. We use an extruded aluminum frame, commercial grade reflective vinyl and a moisture absorbing interior coating for superior outdoor performance.

LED Count Displays Make It Possible

4 Digit LED Signs

LED count signs are an integral component in a Space Available sign. They are designed to accept data input from parking systems and display the count data on bright LED count displays. More.

Parking Space Available Signs Gallery

Trolley Square Salt Lake City, UT- Space Available Sign
Trolley Square Salt Lake City, UT- Space Available Sign
California State University, Fullerton - Space Available Sign
California State University, Fullerton - Space Available Sign
Zona Rosa Shopping Center - Kansas City, Kansas
Zona Rosa Shopping Center - Kansas City, Kansas

Gallery Photos
gallery photos
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How It Works

Our Space Available sign is designed to connect with the count module of your parking system. Your parking system transmits the open space counts to our signs in their language. We in turn listen for their communication, accept and display them on our LED count signs. This unique connection, between the parking system and sign, allows us to display the available space in real-time from your parking system.

Don't currently have a count system? RedStorm Parking Guidance System may be the answer for you. Read on to learn more.

Parking Management System Compatibility

Our Space Available signs are compatible with the RedStorm Parking Guidance System as well as these 3rd-party parking systems:

  • 3M | Federal APD
  • Amano
  • Carlo Gavazzi
  • Eco Lighting Solutions
  • HUB Parking
  • Q-Free
  • Scheidt & Bachmann
  • Sentry
  • T2 Systems
  • TIBA
  • WPS

Not in the list? Our protocol is available for integration with yours. Contact us to learn more.

Space Available Sign Features and Construction

Our signs are engineered to withstand the elements. The cabinet consists of an extruded aluminum frame and an aluminum panel with routed windows. The inside of the cabinet is treated with a moisture-absorbing coating to prevent condensation. Each Space Available sign includes an easy open, hinged face panel so there's no disassembly required on the job site to make the final wiring connections.

We use a sign-in-sign construction to protect the LED count signs from the environment and when there are multiple count signs in a cabinet they are pre-wired to simplify installation.

View our complete specifications here!

Bring your parking count system to life and take the guesswork out of finding an open parking space.

Contact us by email or toll-free at 877-547-9900 to learn more.