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Give Parkers the Info They Need with LED Signs for Parking Facilities

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Drive up. Search for a parking spot. Find the parking spot. Pull into the parking spot. Park the vehicle. It seems simple enough. However, motorists need some critical information — where to enter and exit, how many parking spaces are available, how much it costs to park, how to navigate the facility, and many other things — about the parking facility to have an exceptional experience. Signs are critical to providing that information and keeping parking lots and garages safe, efficient, functional, and profitable.

Round Light Box Signs Let Parkers Know Where to Find Parking

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An easy, effective way to inform the public about an open parking facility when they’re looking for one is through round light box signs from Signal-Tech. These LED backlit signs have an always-readable message on a round face. These signs can display virtually any message — a parking P, the name of the facility, or a company logo, to name a few — are available in 24-inch, 30-inch, and 36-inch diameters and can be single- or double-sided. These illuminated signs for parking facilities are constructed with a round sheet aluminum cabinet with an integrated single post, projection wall mount, are UL/cUL rated for wet locations, and come with a five-year warranty.

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Tell Motorists How Many Spaces Are Available

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Nothing is more discouraging to a parker than pulling up to the entrance of a facility only to be turned away because there are no spaces available. This headache can be alleviated by preemptively communicating to motorists how many spaces are open with Signal-Tech’s Space Available and End-of-Aisle signs with LED counters. These signs for parking facilities can be single- or double-faced, are readable in direct sunlight, can be customized with full-color graphics, logos, and branding, and are constructed from a rugged aluminum cabinet (suitable for wet locations) with hinged faces for ease of installation. Our proprietary parking guidance system generates the count information displayed on Signal-Tech’s Space Available signs.

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Get Real-Time Data & Valuable Insights with a Parking Guidance & Reporting Software

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It’s not enough just to display how many spaces are available in parking facilities in real time. Parking operators need high-quality data about occupancy to keep the facility efficient and profitable. That’s why Signal-Tech created the RedStorm Parking Guidance System and Sign Control Reporting Software. Here’s how our car parking system works – when vehicles enter a garage or lot, they pass over a pair of loop detectors or under a pair of overhead sensors that can detect that determine which way the vehicle is traveling. This triggers the differential zone counter (DZ) that captures that information (one vehicle moving one way) and communicates it to the SuperMaster Controller. From there, the SuperMaster controller communicates vehicle counts to LED space available signs and updates the count on the signs in real time.

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When the RedStorm Parking Guidance System is connected to the RedStorm Sign Control and Reporting Software, parking operators gain the ability to:

  • Manage real-time parking activity
  • Assign names to entrances, exits, and transition points
  • Adjust counts and capacities in zones
  • Schedule and receive vehicle count and other notifications
  • Generate detailed reports about counts, parking trends, revenue, and more
  • Remotely control Signal-Tech's LED Smart Signs
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The RedStorm Sign Control & Reporting Software resides on a central computer and operates over the facility network. The system and software are expandable, deliver accurate vehicle counts, and are considerably less expensive than space-by-space counting systems. The RedStorm Parking System and Sign Control & Reporting Software are an excellent choice for parking operators looking to make a great first impression with their customers and deliver a long-term, top-notch parking experience.

Show Parkers Where to Enter, Exit, Navigate, and Pay Parking Fees

Entrance Exit Sign Image

Space available signs have preemptively told motorists there is available parking in the facility. Now, they need to know where to enter it. LED “enter” signs for parking are an excellent way to clearly mark the parking garage or surface lot entrance from the street. When it’s time for parkers to leave the facility, LED “exit” signs help them navigate toward the facility’s exit. Red X/Green Arrow signs are another excellent wayfinding solution for parking facilities, leading motorists through the facility efficiently, safely, and guiding them toward entrance and exit lanes. And when it’s time to pay parking fees, illuminated displays indicating payment methods help parkers quickly pay, exit the facility, and continue about their business.

Signal-Tech’s illuminated enter, exit, and fee display/cashier signs are constructed with an extruded aluminum frame and are UL/cUL listed for wet locations. These signs are also readable in direct sunlight and come with a five-year warranty, ensuring parking customers will easily navigate the parking facility for years to come.

Avoid Property Damage with Non-illuminated, Over-Height Clearance Bars

Clearance Bars Sign Image

Vehicles are expensive. Parking facilities are even more expensive. It makes sense to implement measures that prevent damage to both. Non-illuminated, over-height clearance bars notify taller vehicles, such as trucks, buses, or oversized loads, from entering parking facilities with low overhead clearance.

Signal-Tech’s over-height clearance bars are constructed from lightweight, extruded aluminum making them extremely durable. They’re also fully customizable; they can be painted any color, have any message or logo displayed, and are available at any length to fit your needs.

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Keep Pedestrians & Motorists Safe with Warning Signs & Vehicle Detection Systems

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Safety is the number one priority of every parking facility, and implementing illuminated warning and safety signage is one way to keep parkers and pedestrians safe. LED signs for parking facilities displaying safety messages, such as “CAR COMING” or “WATCH FOR PEDESTRIANS,” garner attention and let passersby know of potential dangers. These signs can also be outfitted with flashers, beacon strobes, or audible alarms that further enhance their warning capability. Signal-Tech’s warning and safety signs for parking facilities feature an extruded aluminum frame and are UL/cUL listed for wet locations. These signs are also readable in direct sunlight and have a five-year warranty.

Another way to bolster pedestrian safety in parking facilities is through Signal-Tech’s Vehicle Detection System (VDS). The VDS is a simple solution that promotes pedestrian safety and deters vehicle-pedestrian accidents by activating a sign to alert pedestrians of an approaching vehicle. The VDS is comprised of three primary components (a vehicle sensor, a control module, and an LED sign) and can be outfitted with additional pieces, such as auxiliary visual alerts and audio accessories.

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Display Virtually Any Message at Any Time and Control the Sign from Almost Anywhere!

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Often, parking operators have messages they’d like their customers to read but can’t convey them on static LED signs. That’s where a variable message sign (VMS) comes into play. These outdoor, monochrome (white, red, green, amber, or blue) LED signs are ideal for displaying changeable messages, such as parking rates, promoting special events, and providing directional parking instructions.

Signal-Tech also offers a full-color VMS called the RGB VMS Rebel. The RGB VMS rebel offers the same changeable message features as its monochrome counterpart but displays in full color and can display animations, logos, graphics, and symbols. These signs are programmed and controlled with the Signal-Tech Sign Control Software. They can be controlled remotely from a central location. Installing these signs for parking facilities allows parking operators to pre-program fixed messages or schedule an unlimited number of messages to accommodate changing needs.

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No matter the need - warning and safety, wayfinding, event promotion, fee displays, and everything in between — Signal-Tech has signs for parking facilities that will keep them safe, efficient, and profitable.

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