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Enhance the Customer Experience by Installing LED Car Wash Signs

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Car wash facilities are often automated and self-serve, with little or no on-site staff. As such, signs are integral to how car washes communicate with customers. LED car wash signs from Signal-Tech give customers the information they need to get their vehicles cleaned quickly, efficiently, safely, and without damage to their vehicle and the facility itself.

Illuminated Car Wash Lane Control Signs

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Outdoor LED car wash traffic lights are essential to ensure a smooth traffic flow and help guide customers to specific car wash areas. They’re also crucial in alerting customers to know which lanes are open and when to enter the wash bay. Signal-Tech offers red-green lights to communicate the universal stop-and-go signals or car wash wait-and-enter signs, such as STOP|WAIT|GO, that clearly let customers know when they can enter the bay. These signs are UL/cUL Listed for wet locations and are available in low-volt options.

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Full-Color, Variable Message Signs for Car Washes

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No single sign offers more versatility than a full-color, variable message sign. These LED car wash signs provide a multi-purpose and attention-grabbing medium to convey information, promotions, instructions, and warnings. Whatever message the car wash wants its customers to read, the Signal-Tech RGB VMS Rebel Series of signs can display colorful text, graphics, logos, animation, and enhanced visual effects. These signs use 100-240 VAC, and just like our lane control signs, these are UL/cUL rated for outdoor use and wet locations.

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Customizable, Backlit Signage

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Car washes must feature their branding to ensure customers a positive and memorable experience. An easy way to create this experience is through customizable, backlit car wash signs. Lights and colors are excellent ways to grab the attention of passersby, hence why the car wash’s branding should be featured on these signs. Customizable, backlit signs from Signal-Tech provide virtually limitless design options — if it can be dreamed, it can be made. These signs are available in input voltage 120-277VAC or low volt 12-24VDC and are UL/cUL listed for wet locations.

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Non-Illuminated, Over-Height Clearance Bars

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A great way to prevent property damage to both the car wash and vehicles using the car wash is through over-height clearance bars. These non-illuminated signs notify taller vehicles, such as trucks, buses, or oversized loads, from entering areas with low overhead clearance. Cars, car wash equipment, and the car wash facility are significant investments and over-height clearance bars are an easy, preventative measure to thwart damage and the costs associated with repair. Signal-Tech’s over-height clearance bars are made of extruded aluminum, making them lightweight and durable. They’re fully customizable; they can be painted any color, have any message or logo displayed, and are available at any length to fit your needs.

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Signal-Tech has a wide variety of car wash signs to help car wash facilities to promote a superb customer experience and become more efficient and profitable. No matter the need — wayfinding and directional, instructional, promotional, warning, safety, and everything in between—we have the LED car wash signs to help grow the business and keep it thriving for years. Ready to learn more about Signal-Tech’s solutions for car washes? Contact us any time to speak with our car wash industry experts!