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The RGB Freedom Outdoor LED Display Screen Makes Video Ads Easy!

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Signal-Tech’s latest and greatest addition to its lineup of full-color, variable message signs has made displaying video messages outside of facilities easier than ever. The RGB Freedom is our outdoor LED display screen that offers end-users incredible messaging versatility and full-color, animated videos while enhancing building aesthetics and providing an easy-to-use experience.

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What is the Signal-Tech RGB Freedom?

The RGB Freedom is a full-matrix, outdoor LED display screen (but is not limited to outdoor use) that utilizes red, green, and blue (RGB) light-emitting diodes (LEDs) that produce more than 65,000 unique colors. These large-format displays are used for advertising, branding, informational, and directional purposes in all the industries Signal-Tech serves.

These signs consist of a grid of LED modules arranged closely together to form a larger display surface. Each LED within the grid of modules is controlled independently to create different colors, patterns, intervals, and intensities. These varying colors, patterns, intervals, and intensities of illuminated LEDs create moving pictures on the display. How closely the LEDs are grouped together on the display (called pixel pitch) determines the distance at which the sign’s messaging becomes unpixellated. The RGB Freedom is available in two different pixel pitches — 5mm and 10mm — for different applications, e.g., pedestrian vs. vehicle visibility. The 5mm version is appropriate for viewing at 25 feet or more, and the 10mm version is appropriate for viewing at 50 feet or more.

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Why Choose the Signal-Tech RGB Freedom?

It’s quite simple: the RGB Freedom from Signal-Tech is an outdoor LED display screen that offers the perfect combination of messaging versatility and ease of use. These signs are controlled by a media or content player — anything from a smartphone, tablet, PC, DVD player, Blu-Ray player… literally any media player with an HDMI output — that enables end-users to create and display custom messages, graphics, animations, and videos. The content or media player connects to the sign’s HDMI input, making this outdoor LED display screen a true plug-and-play solution, giving end-users the freedom to display whatever they choose. The RGB Freedom is the ultimate full-color matrix sign regarding ease of use, flexibility, versatility, and content that can be promoted.

The versatility of these signs is undeniable, and their ability to be completely customizable gives them a wide variety of intents and purposes across several industries. For instance, parking facilities can use these displays as large, full-color space available signs, letting potential customers know how many spaces are available and where. They can also display rates, promote events, and provide directional guidance within the parking facility. But they are not limited to parking. Banks and credit unions can promote different types of accounts and their interest rates. Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs) can display daily food and drink specials. Car washes can showcase wash specials and provide directional guidance. Traffic authorities can display construction messaging, upcoming road hazards, and variable speed limits. There really is no limit to who these outdoor LED display screens can serve and what they can display.

RGB Freedom signs provide eye-catching visuals with vibrant colors and dynamic animations. They can attract attention from passersby, making your business stand out among competitors. These eye-catching visuals are a great way to reinforce the business’s brand identity, reinforce logos and taglines, and showcase promotional messaging effectively. The RGB Freedom is visible in full sunlight, low-light conditions, and nighttime thanks to the superbright LEDs. This ensures that messaging remains visible at all times and its impact is maximized.

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What are the Specifications of the Signal-Tech RGB Freedom?

As mentioned, the Signal-Tech RGB Freedom is controlled with a third-party media player via an HDMI input. These signs are available in two unique pixel pitches — 5mm and 10mm — for unpixellated viewing at varying distances. The sign’s messages are created by illuminating long-lasting LEDs (100,000+ hours) that illuminate more than 65,000 Gamma-corrected colors at a brightness of 4,500 nits. The RGB Freedom can be manufactured in nearly any size imaginable, from a small window-sized display to a several-foot by several-foot advertising display.

These display screens operate using 100-240 VAC in indoor or outdoor conditions anywhere between -4ºF to 140ºF and feature UL/cUL listed components. They are enclosed within a 6063-T6 aluminum alloy cabinet that is NEMA 4X rated and features stainless steel hardware. The cabinet uses a full-length, extruded hinge, and all exterior seams are continuous MIG welded to form a single structure. The cabinet face is flanged on all sides to shed water, and its door closes around its flanged frame and is compressed against a closed-cell silicone gasket to repel water further. The cabinet comes standard with a powder-coated black finish, with custom paint colors available.

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