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Illuminated Auto Service Signs Keep Garages Efficient & Functional

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Auto service centers, especially at large dealerships, can be extremely busy, even chaotic. Because of this, proper signage is crucial to communicate vital information motorists need to navigate the facility. Illuminated auto service signs from Signal-Tech are the perfect solution to keep auto service centers running safely and efficiently.

Let Motorists Know Which Bays Are Open with Illuminated Open-Closed Signage

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Auto service centers typically don’t have staff dedicated to directing traffic toward service bays. However, not every bay is always open. That makes illuminated red x and green down arrow signs an ideal solution for identifying open or closed service bays.

In lieu of illuminated red x and green down arrow signs, auto service center operators may use red-green traffic controller lights. Much like red, yellow, and green traffic lights, when these lights are illuminated green, motorists can enter the bay; when it’s red, it means the bay is occupied.

Still, other service center operators may opt for the straight-forward OPEN-CLOSED illuminated sign option. Regardless of choice, each type of sign is mounted above bay or garage doors with a wall-based mounting system and controlled with switches. They are constructed of an extruded aluminum frame, are UL/cUL listed for wet locations, are readable in direct sunlight, and are backed by a five-year warranty.

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Give Customers Vital Information About the Auto Service Center with Variable Message Signs

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Variable message signs are illuminated signs controlled with software rather than an on/off switch. These signs use sign control software to control them and create the sign’s messaging, including images and logos. The software also allows variable message signs to have scheduled messaging or playlists, which can be overridden by authorized users remotely through the software’s web interface. These illuminated auto service signs are important because they give the facility the freedom to deliver any message, including:

  • Hours of operation
  • Educating customers on available services
  • Displaying discounted pricing on services
  • Showcasing special holiday messaging
  • Promoting community engagement
  • Providing directional and wayfinding assistance
  • Branding enhancements

Signal-Tech offers two types of variable message signs: monochrome variable message signs and Red, Green, Blue (RGB) variable message signs. As the name implies, monochrome signs display messages in single-color (red or amber) LEDs, and RGB variable message signs display messages in full dynamic color. Both variable message signs are UL/cUL listed for wet locations, readable in direct sunlight, and have a one-year warranty.

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Keep Auto Service Center Staff & Customer Safe

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Vehicle service centers aren’t typically considered dangerous places, but there are a few places where danger can be found. Illuminated auto service signs can warn employees and visitors of potentially dangerous situations, such as vehicle-pedestrian walkways, chemical storage areas, vehicle testing areas, and other employee-only zones.

These auto service signs operate on 120VAC, 277VAC, or low-voltage power and use super bright LEDs that are visible even in direct sunlight. Depending on the required environment, they are also available in indoor and outdoor versions and have a five-year warranty.

Avoid Vehicle & Property Damage with Non-Illuminated, Over-Height Clearance Bars

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Not every vehicle is going to fit into every vehicle service center. And that’s OK. What’s not OK is vehicle damage and the facility that could have been prevented by installing over-height clearance bars. Non-illuminated, over-height clearance bars notify taller vehicles, such as trucks, buses, or oversized loads, from entering auto service centers with low overhead clearance.

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Signal-Tech’s over-height clearance bars are constructed from lightweight, extruded aluminum, making them extremely durable. They’re also fully customizable; they can be painted any color, have any message or logo displayed, and are available at any length to fit your needs.

Signal-Tech has many auto service signs to help garages and vehicle service centers promote a superb customer experience, become more efficient, improve branding, and be more profitable. No matter the need — wayfinding and directional, instructional, promotional, branding, safety, and everything in between — Signal-Tech has the illuminated signage vehicle service centers need to thrive for years to come. Ready to learn more about Signal-Tech’s solutions vehicle service centers? Contact us any time to speak with our overhead door and auto service center experts!