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Interactive Teller Machine Signs

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Our Smart Sign System offers centralized, network sign control

Remotely controlled drive-thru signs enhance ITM installations

It's an ideal fit when...

  • Teller services are moving to a central location
  • Interactive teller machines are installed in the drive-thru lanes
  • The branch drive-thru is staffed with remotely located tellers
  • Drive-thru teller service hours are extended beyond traditional branch hours

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Optimize your interactive teller investment, by letting your customers know when the ITM and ATM lanes are open and available for use.

With the Smart Sign System, it's possible to turn your drive-thru signs on, even when the tellers aren't at the branch.

Smart Signs look just like Signal-Tech's traditional LED signs but they are controlled with software instead of switches. They fit the same physical footprint as our traditional LED signs and only require an Ethernet and power connection to operate. Best of all, they look the same to drive-thru customers so adoption is immediate!

Learn how one financial institution used the Smart Sign System to maximize their ITM investment.
Smart Sign Case Study
Brand your drive-thru lanes

Consider branding your drive-thru lanes with your interactive teller messaging

Signal-Tech's Smart Sign System Provides Centralized, Network
Sign Control

The Sign Control Software resides on a central facility computer and operates over the network. Smart Signs are installed at each of the branches above the drive-thru lanes and connect to the network via Ethernet. In the Smart Sign System, the Smart Sign lane lights are controlled remotely through the software scheduler using the facility network. Learn how the System works.

Automated Sign Control
Sign messages are controlled automatically through the software during and after staffed business hours as well as in unstaffed locations

Simple Installation
Smart Signs fit in the same physical footprint as traditional signs and only require Ethernet and power connections for operation.

Unlimited Scalability
Once the software is installed, Smart Signs can be added to the network one at a time or in groups.

Trained Installing Partners
Distributed through a network of trained installers. Contact us to find the Partner nearest you.

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