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Enhance Parking Guidance with a Full-Color, LED, End of Aisle Display

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Are you looking for a way to enhance the customer experience at your parking facility while bolstering efficiency and improving signage aesthetics? The Signal-Tech SA Flex is a simple and effective way to provide motorists with accurate parking space availability counts and help them quickly navigate to them.

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End of Aisle Display 101

Think of the Signal-Tech SA Flex as count signs but with more capabilities. These full-color LED signs feature multiple control methods (Ethernet, RS-485, and Bitmap Control Mode) and are backward compatible with legacy parking systems. When controlled in Ethernet or RS-485 mode, these signs can display various characters, including letters, numbers, and symbols — such as electric vehicle symbols, gas and charging station icons, handicap & wheeldestrian symbols, and a variety of directional arrows. These characters can be made using any foreground and background color, can be made in a variety of fonts built directly into the sign, and can be made in 8-pixel, 16-pixel, and 32-pixel heights.

Bitmap control mode enables the sign to display any logo, graphic, symbol, or photo chosen by the user and follows the same display criteria as in Ethernet or RS-485 modes. No matter the control mode, the sign’s messages are displayed using wide-angle LEDs with a 10mm pixel pitch and a maximum resolution of 32x128 pixels.

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Why Choose an Illuminated End of Aisle Display?

These illuminated, variable message signs are crucial navigational aids that enhance facility safety and efficiency. They provide drivers with clear visual cues that help them find available parking spaces, nested parking areas, parking areas for customers with specific needs, and exit routes while minimizing congestion and the risk of accidents. This is especially true in large parking garages where navigating the facility can be daunting. Instead, an illuminated end of aisle display can provide motorists with information to ease fears and reduce frustration. Additionally, these signs help influence customer satisfaction and boost retention. A well-organized parking facility with abundant, clear signage reflects positively on the overall customer experience and encourages repeat visits. The Signal-Tech SA Flex illuminated end of aisle sign is not just a marker in a parking facility. It’s an essential element of the facility that promotes safety, efficiency, accessibility, and customer satisfaction.

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Specifications of the Signal-Tech SA Flex Illuminated End of Aisle Display

As previously mentioned, Signal-Tech's SA Flex illuminated end of aisle signs are backward compatible with legacy parking systems, making them easy to install and operate. These signs come in several sizes and feature long-lasting LEDs (100,000+ hours). Those LEDs display 65,000 Gamma-corrected colors at a brightness of 4,000 nits with a pixel pitch of 10mm. These illuminated parking signs operate using 100-240 VAC in indoor or outdoor conditions anywhere between 32ºF to 158ºF. They have a front-hinged enclosure for easy installation and accessibility, UL/cUL listed components, and a NEMA 3R cabinet for protection from rain, snow, snowmelt, humidity, dust, and any other element Mother Nature can deliver. When you think of illuminated parking signage, think Signal-Tech!

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