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Illuminated Bank Drive-Thru Signs Help Make Great Customer Experiences

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It’s no secret: drive-thru lanes at the bank or credit union provide a convenient experience when digital and online banking just isn’t an option. Drive-thru lanes let customers conduct their banking transactions quickly and efficiently from the comfort of their vehicles while protecting them from inclement weather. These lanes are even a benefit to financial institutions as they allow for extended operating hours compared to the physical branch. However, for the drive-thru to be safe, efficient, and provide a top-notch experience, high-quality illuminated bank drive-thru signs are essential.

Open/Closed Illuminated Bank Drive Thru Signs

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Have you ever seen a person directing traffic at the entrance of a bank drive-thru? Probably not. That’s because illuminated bank drive-thru signs make it easy to let customers know which drive-thru lanes are open with teller service and which ones are not. Signal-Tech offers several solutions (open/closed signs, X and arrow signs, red/green lights, and stop/go lights) to help direct motorists to drive-thru lanes that are open to teller services.

Signal-Tech’s open/closed illuminated bank drive-thru signs are available in direct view and backlit versions, and the messaging can be displayed side-by-side, top and bottom, and even overlaid. All of our signs are readable in direct sunlight, are UL/cUL Listed for wet locations, are designed, engineered, and assembled in the U.S., and feature a five-year warranty.

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Illuminated ATM & ITM Drive-Thru Signs

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Much like teller lanes using open/closed illuminated bank drive-thru signs, the ATM drive-thru lanes require signage indicating if the ATM is open or closed. And just like Signal-Tech’s illuminated open/closed drive-thru lane signage, our illuminated ATM drive-thru signs come in direct view and backlit versions with messaging capable of being displayed top and bottom, side-by-side, and overlaid.

Signal-Tech also offers illuminated signage for financial institutions looking to upgrade from ATMs to ITMs (interactive teller machines) in their drive-thru lanes. Both ATM and ITM bank drive-thru signs are readable in direct sunlight, are UL/cUL Listed for wet locations, are designed, engineered, and assembled in the U.S., and feature a five-year warranty. Finally, if ITM services have unique branding, Signal-Tech can create customized backlit bank drive-thru signs to incorporate logos, images, and graphics associated with the brand.

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Illuminated Signs for Specialty & Multi-Use Drive-Thru Lanes

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In addition to personal accounts, banks have commercial and other types of customers with specific needs and requirements. These customers may also need banking services beyond the branch’s operating hours. This can include Commercial Banking, Night Deposits, 24-Hour ATMs, and more.

Real estate in financial drive-thru lanes is also limited, so drive-thru lanes often serve multiple purposes. For instance, a regular teller lane can double as an after-hours night deposit. For all these intents and purposes, financial facility drive-thru lanes rely on illuminated specialty and multi-use bank signs to inform customers of the appropriate lane. These types of signs from Signal-Tech can be customized to fit specific needs, and just like previously mentioned signs, they are weather-resistant, energy-efficient, and readable in direct sunlight.

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Financial Smart Signs & The Signal-Tech Smart Sign System

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Financial facilities that are upgrading ATMs to ITMs, as well as those with branches that have different operational hours, are the ideal candidate for smart bank drive-thru signs. With Signal-Tech’s smart signs for financial institutions and accompanying software, it’s possible to turn signs on even when the tellers aren’t at the branch.

Signal-Tech’s smart signs look just like traditional LED signs but are controlled with software instead of switches. The software is hosted in a central facility on a computer on the financial institution’s network, and the signs only require a power and Ethernet connection to operate. From there, network administrators can set repeatable schedules for every smart sign (the scalability is unlimited) on the network. Learn more about Signal-Tech’s Smart Signs and Software here.

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Over-Height Clearance Bars for Bank Drive-Thru Lanes

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Over-height clearance bars are an effective way to prevent property damage to vehicles entering drive-thru lanes and the financial institution. These non-illuminated bank drive-thru signs notify taller vehicles, such as trucks, buses, or oversized loads, from entering areas with low overhead clearance. Signal-Tech’s over-height clearance bars are made of extruded aluminum, making them lightweight and durable. They’re fully customizable; they can be painted any color, have any message or logo displayed, and are available at any length to fit your needs.