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Locate the Serial Number on Signal-Tech Signs

serial number is on bottom of sticker with logo and contact information

When calling Signal-Tech customer service about a specific sign, you will need to provide the sign's serial number.

Serial Number Location:

Facing the front of the sign, look on the right-hand lower edge of the frame. There will be a white label with the Signal-Tech logo and contact information.

The serial number is the 12 digit alphanumeric code after SN: just below a barcode.

TIP: Any "0" in the serial number is a zero; there are never any O's or o's.

On older signs, the serial number is the alphanumeric number on the very bottom of the label and may have less than 12 digits.

do not use the number on the ul/cul sticker

The label that says "Electric Sign" does NOT contain the serial number.