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The QSR Outdoor Digital Signage Every Drive-Thru Needs

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Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) drive-thru lanes are incredibly busy places. Busy is good, but if it’s not well organized, and customers don’t know where to go or what to do, it’s chaos… and nobody wants chaos. One way to help ensure that fast food drive-thru lanes are “good busy” and not chaotic is by implementing QSR outdoor digital signage.

Showcase Branding, Curbside, and Delivery Service Areas with Customized, Backlit Signage

QSRs spend a lot of time, energy, and money creating branding that enables a positive and memorable customer experience. As such, a QSR must showcase its branding in as many ways as possible, including customizable, backlit signage. Customizable, backlit signs from Signal-Tech provide virtually limitless design options — anything from custom fonts and colors to graphics and photos is possible; if it can be dreamed, it can be made. And with so many ways to order and receive food (dining room, drive-thru, curbside pick-up, and delivery service options, to name a few), customized backlit signs are the perfect solution to direct customers to where their order can be found. These signs are available in input voltage 120-277VAC or low volt 12-24VDC and are UL/cUL listed for wet locations.

Grab Attention and Feature Any Message with a Full-Dolor, Dynamic Message Sign

RGB Message Image

No piece of QSR outdoor digital signage offers more “bang for your buck” than a full-color, variable message sign. These signs are incredibly versatile and provide a multi-purpose and attention-grabbing medium to convey information, promotions, instructions, and warnings. Whatever message a fast-food restaurant or QSR wants customers to read, the Signal-Tech RGB VMS Rebel Series of signs can display colorful text, graphics, logos, animation, and enhanced visual effects. These signs use 100-240 VAC and are UL/cUL rated for outdoor use and wet locations.

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Let Drive-Thru Customers Know Where to Go with Directional Arrows

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Once drive-thru customers are on the store’s premises, they must know where to order and receive their food. This is where QSR outdoor digital signage featuring a red X of a green arrow shines. These straightforward, illuminated directional signs tell motorists how to reach a destination at the QSR quickly, safely, and efficiently. These signs are constructed with an extruded aluminum frame and are UL/cUL-listed for wet locations. They are also readable in direct sunlight and come with a five-year warranty, ensuring QSR customers will easily navigate the drive-thru lanes for years to come.

Illuminated Open/Closed Signs Let Customers Know Which Lanes Are Open

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It’s a rarity to see QSR employees directing traffic in drive-thru lanes. That’s because illuminated open/closed signs are an easy way to let customers know which lanes are open and which are not and let QSR employees complete more meaningful tasks that benefit the restaurant. Signal-Tech’s open/closed QSR outdoor digital signage is available in direct view and backlit versions, and the messaging can be displayed side-by-side, top and bottom, and even overlaid. All of our signs are readable in direct sunlight, are UL/cUL-listed for wet locations, are designed, engineered, and assembled in the U.S., and feature a five-year warranty.

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Prevent Drive-Thru Property Damage with Overheight Clearance Bars

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Over-height clearance bars are an easy and effective way to prevent property damage to vehicles entering QSR drive-thru lanes. These non-illuminated signs notify taller vehicles (trucks, buses, oversized loads, etc.) from entering areas with low overhead clearance. Signal-Tech’s over-height clearance bars are constructed of extruded aluminum, ensuring they are lightweight and durable. They’re fully customizable; they can be painted any color, have any message or logo displayed, and are available at any length to fit your needs.

Signal-Tech has a wide variety of QSR outdoor digital signage to help restaurants create a stellar customer experience, become more efficient, improve branding, and be more profitable. No matter the need, Signal-Tech has illuminated signage for drive-thru restaurants to help them thrive for years to come. Ready to learn more about Signal-Tech’s solutions for QSRs? Contact us any time to speak with our drive-thru signage experts!