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Illuminated Transportation Signs: Relaying Crucial Traffic Information

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No matter their purpose — to warn motorists of upcoming road hazards or dangers, instruct drivers on lane changes, inform pedestrians of allocated walkways and crossings, and nearly infinite other possibilities — transportation signs are crucial in keeping roads and railways safe and efficient. However, signs are only effective if they can garner the attention of those on the roadways. That’s why Signal-Tech uses super-bright LEDs to create signs for the transportation industry. Signal-Tech designs and assembles signs that display nearly every Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) symbol and numerous other types of lane control, preemptive warning, safety, and informative illuminated signs.

LED Lane Control Signs

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Signal-Tech’s LED Lane control signs let motorists know of an upcoming change in traffic patterns. These illuminated transportation signs alert motorists of reversible lanes, closed lanes, specific traffic lanes — such as bicycles or buses — and roadway restrictions. They can be designed to display a single message that is illuminated when needed or blanks out (disappears) when it is not. Further, these signs can be created with multiple messages, such as red X/green arrow. The messages can also contain words and MUTCD symbols.

Illuminated lane control signs from Signal-Tech are built to withstand harsh weather conditions, utilizing an extruded aluminum cabinet frame and either an IP55/NEMA 3RX or IP66/NEMA 4X rating, depending on the end users’ needs. We use narrow-angle and wide-angle LEDs depending on circumstances and photo-dimming LEDS for maximum visibility in all light conditions. Finally, Signal-Tech’s LED Lane control signs come with a five-year warranty.

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Illuminated Open/Closed and Weigh Station Signs

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Weigh stations have two significant functions across America’s highways. First, some states collect taxes on transported goods based on weight. Periodic weigh stations on highways sometimes allow tax collectors to appropriate funds for these goods. Secondly, roads and bridges are designed to handle specific payloads and stress. Weigh stations function as a safety checkpoint, ensuring that overweight vehicles don’t negatively impact roadways. As such, weight stations must be correctly identified as open or closed.

Signal-Tech’s illuminated open/closed and weigh station signs are typically placed at the roadside and at the entrance of DOT weigh stations and ports of entry. These transportation signs use photo-dimmable super-bright LEDs, ensuring they can be read in any light conditions and at distances up to 600 feet. Just like Signal-Tech’s illuminated lane control signs, weigh station, and open/closed signs are built to endure harsh outdoor conditions and come with a five-year warranty. They feature an extruded aluminum cabinet frame, either an IP55/NEMA 3RX or IP66/NEMA 4X rating, and can be outfitted with a backup power supply, depending on the end users’ needs.

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LED Signs for Bridges, Tunnels, and Tollways

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Illuminated bridge, tunnel, and tollway signs are another tool in the toolbox of traffic authorities, allowing them to efficiently and safely control traffic flows into bottlenecks. These signs offer lane guidance, informing drivers about the number of lanes available and directing them to specific lanes depending on traffic conditions. These illuminated transportation signs are essential for promoting safe and efficient travel by providing drivers with the necessary information to navigate the roads, tunnels, bridges, and plazas and make informed driving decisions.

Signal-Tech’s illuminated bridge, tunnel, and tollway signs are typically mounted on mast arms over roadways and above each lane for which they are providing directional guidance. They feature an extruded aluminum cabinet frame, either an IP55/NEMA 3RX or NEMA 4 rating, to endure harsh outdoor conditions. They can even be outfitted with a redundant power supply to ensure the sign is functional even in the rare event of a failure. And just like all of Signal-Tech’s transportation signs, these signs come with a five-year warranty.

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LED Railroad Crossing Warning Signs

Railroad crossings are one of the most dangerous places for motorists and pedestrians. Trains always have the right of way and don’t stop at crossings, so the onus of traffic-railway safety is on motorists and pedestrians. While the MUTCD “crossbuck” sign is required where railroad tracks intersect a public roadway or pathway, additional measures, such as illuminated preemptive and secondary railroad crossing warning signs, can help bolster pedestrian and motorist safety. When these transportation signs are installed at railroad crossings, they alert motorists and pedestrians of approaching train traffic.

Light Rail, Commuter Trains, and Pedestrian Warnings

Light rail and commuter train stations, mid-block crossings, and areas with limited visibility can be particularly dangerous as pedestrians typically have access to tracks without restrictive barriers. When installed at these locations, they alert the public to approaching streetcar and commuter train traffic. They can even be outfitted with third-party audible alarms and voice speaker systems to enhance safety at light rail and commuter train crossings.

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Illuminated Warning Signs for Graded Crossings

Graded rail crossings often have multiple tracks, presenting additional dangers for motorists and pedestrians. Further, roadways can intersect railroad tracks adjacent to an intersection, making it risky for cars turning toward train tracks. Signal-Tech creates LED warning signs, such as “No Left Turn. Train” and “Danger. Another Train Coming,” to enhance safety in these perilous scenarios.

Signal-Tech’s railroad crossing signs can be manufactured as direct-view signs or LED backlit message signs. The messaging can be designed to flash, blank out, or display in a specific sequence. All of these railway transportation signs can be made with single- or double-faced messaging, are constructed with an extruded aluminum cabinet frame that can be IP55/NEMA 3RX or NEMA 4X rated to endure extreme weather, and come with a five-year warranty.