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Parking Smart Signs

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LED Signs with Automated Sign Control

Smart Signs are TCP/IP enabled LED signs that connect to a facility network and are controlled with either Signal-Tech's Sign Control Software or the RedStorm Sign Control and Reporting Software.

  • Automatically control Smart Sign message displays based on day and time of day
  • Direct the flow of parking traffic during peak times by automatically controlling changeable lane signs
  • Reduce traffic congestion by automatically changing an OPEN sign to FULL and redirecting traffic to available parking
  • Guide the flow of traffic on campus by aggregating the open space counts for multiple RedStorm Parking Guidance Systems on a single Smart Space Available Sign

When controlled with the Sign Control Software, individual Smart Sign messages can be pre-scheduled to display at a specific day and time using a perpetual weekly schedule. Pre-scheduled messages can also be interrupted with a temporary message change.

When controlled with the RedStorm Sign Control and Reporting Software, Smart Signs are integrated into the RedStorm Parking Guidance System expanding the Smart Sign message control capabilities to include changing messages based on parking occupancy percentages from the vehicle counting system.

Each Smart Sign requires a static IP lease on your facility network, a wired Ethernet connection, and power. The software must reside on a server-grade PC, using Windows 7 or higher, and be accessible by each sign on the network.

Network Control

Control your garage, surface lot and campus Smart Signs from your own network.

Plaza Entrace and Exit Signs
Plaza Entrance and Exit Signs
Control entrance gate and pay station LED Signs. Display customized parking rates, wayfinding and special event messages.
Approach Signs
Approach Signs
Control traffic flow between garages and surface lots by directing traffic to alternate parking locations.
Dynamic Lane Control Signs
Dynamic Lane Control Signs
Control changeable lane signs to reverse the flow of traffic during peak travel times.
interior Wayfinding Signs
Interior Wayfinding Signs
Control traffic flow within the garage or lot. Direct traffic to additional parking, cashier services and more.

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