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The Smart Sign System : Smart Signs with Sign Control Software

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The Smart Sign System: Smart Signs with Sign Control Software
Centralized, Network Sign Control

  • Suitable for any application
  • Easy to install
  • Scalable
  • It's the automated solution for sign control.
    How The
    Smart Sign
    System Works

    The Sign Control Software resides on a central computer and operates over the facility network. The Smart Sign System does not use the internet to operate.

    As each Smart Sign is added to the network, the Sign Control Software identifies it and allows the administrator to assign it to a logical group and give it a descriptive name. Then the admin can set a weekly repeating schedule for the Smart Sign that contains a daily time-based list of messages for each day of the week. Once the schedule is set, the Sign Control Software communicates the information to the Smart Signs and their messages change automatically responding to the Sign Control Software commands until the admin changes the schedule.

    Using the Sign Control Software, the admin has the ability to add and manage authorized users and their access to Smart Sign information via the User Interface. The Smart Sign System User Interface is a limited extension of the Sign Control Software. It gives authorized users a way to view the sign status in real-time using any web browser or mobile device. It also allows authorized users to view the weekly message schedule by specific group(s), view the status of individual signs and override the current message temporarily when needed. It's secure; access to all information is permissions based.

    Network Topology
    Smart Sign System Topology

    The Smart Sign System network is quite simple. The Sign Control Software resides on a network server. Once the software is installed, Smart Signs can be added in any physical location that has access to the facility network.

    There's no limit to the number of locations or Smart Signs the software can control.

    Components of The
    Smart Sign
    System Requirements
    Smart Sign
    Centralized, Network Sign Control