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Direct View LED Signs

breakway view of direct view LED sign

The TCL series direct view LED signs are designed for indoor and outdoor settings. Popular in drive-thrus because of their wide viewing angle and the ability to overlay messages, creating a more compact sign.

They feature super bright direct LEDs, low profile 2-1/2 inch deep extruded aluminum cabinet, 5-year warranty against defects and workmanship, and many customization options.

TCL Direct View Sign Features and Benefits

Light Source:Wide angle, super bright LEDs
Colors:Red, Blue, Green, Amber, White
Life Expectancy:over 100,000 hours
12-24V, 120-277V
UL/cUL Listed for wet locations
Materials & Construction
Cabinet:Extruded aluminum and injection-molded Lexan® (7"H x 18"W size only), both 2.5" in depth
Cabinet Finish:Duranodic Bronze, custom paint colors available
Message Panel:LED circuit board, tinted protective face
Includes our special Lift 'n Shift standard wall mount design for easy installation and maintenance.
Optional mounting:Recessed mount, ceiling mount, side mount, angle mount, swivel mount, double and single post mounts
Applications:Outdoor and indoor use
5-year warranty
Durable in high vibratory and extreme weather conditions
Readable in direct sunlight
Quick Turnaround:Same-day shipping for in-stock items
1-week lead time all other messages
2-week lead time for custom sizes and messages
1-Week lead time all other messages

Direct View LED Cabinet Sizes

Below is a list of our standard cabinet sizes for the TCL series. We are able to customize both the dimensions and shape of the cabinet to fit your specific requirements.

standard cabinet sizes for direct view LED sign

Direct View Custom Options

The TCL series is highly customizable. It can display any message or logo, sport a custom cabinet shape and size, have overlaid messages, to name a few. View the chart below to see the list of available options.

Message OptionsSay what you want, all LED signs can display any message. The message can be in any LED color or combination of LED colors: red, green, blue, amber and white. The size of the sign can be custom-built to your specification.
Character StylesChoose the character style by the character size, font, and upper/lower case letters. The character size can range from 2 inch letters to 20 inches or more, depending on the size of the sign and the length of the message. Each letter can also have multiple lines of LEDs, to make your message bolder. This method is referred to as double-stroke or triple-stroke, and is used for large signs or signs to be seen from a far distance.
Logo or GraphicInclude a logo or graphic to bring more attention to a sign or message. A graphic can help bring more awareness to your message. Graphics include anything from Warning Symbols (e.g. DO NOT ENTER or Handicap Symbols), to shapes like Arrows, Circles, Pedestrians or the Shape of a Hand.
Multi-lingual MessagesJust like we're not limited to words, we are not limited by language. You can also design signs to include other languages and create multi-lingual messages in Spanish, French, German, Arabic, Chinese, etc.
Double-FacedDouble-faced signs are another customization option that displays a message back-to-back for traffic coming from both directions of the sign. The message can be the same on both sides or it can display something different on each side (e.g. "Do Not Enter" | "Entrance"). A double-faced sign can also have multimessages, accommodating different situations when needed.
Multiple MessagesDisplay multiple messages in any combination of side-by-side, above/below or overlay orientation. Signs with overlaid messages have the capability to display up to 5 different messages to communicate the proper message when necessary. Multi-message overlaid signs may be a cost effective alternative to variable message signs.
Visual / Audible UpgradesBring more attention or awareness to any message by including visual or audible components. For a visual effect flash an entire message or just part of a message on and off or include a border of chasing LEDs or flashing LEDs.

A piezo alarm brings audible warning and heightens awareness. For instance, combine a piezo alarm with a sensor in an LED sign and when the sensor is tripped it will sound the alarm.
Control the MessageYou can control when to display different messages with a switch or external relay.
VoltageWe understand projects require different voltages for different applications. All signs come in our standard 120-277V option, but you can also choose a 12-24V option.
Customize the CabinetAll signs are contained in a durable, extruded aluminum cabinet. All cabinets have a standard finish of Duranodic Bronze, and can be painted to match any color upon request. The dimensions and the shape of the cabinet can be customized to fit specific requirements. You can also customize a cabinet by including hoods or special mounting.