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Smart Digital Signage Software & The Signal-Tech Smart Sign System

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Remotely & Autonomously Control LED Signage with Our Network-Based Smart Sign System
What Are the Signal-Tech Smart Sign System’s Components?

Our Smart Sign System is an intuitive, turnkey solution for controlling illuminated signage from virtually any location and is comprised of three primary components. Click any image below for detailed images of each Smart Sign System Component.

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Our Smart Sign compatible products include:

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How Does the Signal-Tech Smart Sign System Work?
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It all starts by installing our smart digital signage software on a central computer — this will be a server-grade PC with power backup, equipped with Windows 10 or Windows Server 2012 or higher and 8 GB RAM and 128 GB of hard drive space — operating over a DCHP-enabled facility network, not the Internet. A Signal-Tech Smart Sign is added to the facility network, identified by the software, assigned to a group, and given a name by the system administrator.

From there, the administrator can set repeatable schedules for the Smart Sign. It can turn the sign on and off and, depending on the type of sign, display different messages for each day. When the schedule is saved, the sign control software relays the schedule information to the Smart Sign. The Smart Sign’s messaging changes automatically according to the scheduled commands until the administrator changes it. The Signal-Tech Smart Sign System has unlimited scalability: there’s no limit to the number of locations or number of Smart Signs the software can control.

The administrator can also manage authorized users, and the Smart Sign information they can access, through the User Interface. The User Interface is a limited software extension allowing authorized users to view the sign status in real-time with any browser or mobile device. Authorized users can view the message schedule by specific group(s), view the status of individual signs, and override messaging when needed. And, as access to all of the Smart Sign System’s information is permissions-based and password protected, you can rest assured it’s safe and secure.

Who Should Use the Signal-Tech Smart Sign System?
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The Signal-Tech Smart Sign System is suitable for numerous applications. Our Smart Signs, paired with our smart digital signage software, are an excellent investment for financial institutions considering:

Parking facilities can also reap the benefits of network-based, remotely controlled LED signage, including:

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