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Round Light Box Series

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Revamp Your Business’s Signage with a Round Light Box Sign

In search of a new way to advertise your products and services while showcasing your branding and improving the aesthetics of your building? Look no further than the Signal-Tech Round Light Box (RLB) Series! These signs are a simple yet effective form of outdoor advertising that help businesses reach more people and leave a long-lasting impression of your business upon them.

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What is the Signal-Tech RLB Series?

The RLB Series is similar to our STRI Series — a customizable, LED backlit sign with an always-readable message — but with a round sign face. The customizable sign faces are printed on UV-resistant, matte finish, clear, high-impact acrylic. Our round light box sign is illuminated by high-intensity, super-bright LEDs that enhance readability in low-light conditions. They are constructed with a round sheet aluminum cabinet with an integrated single post, projection wall mount, and are available in three different sizes — 24-inch, 30-inch, and 36-inch diameter.

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Why Choose the Signal-Tech RLB Series?

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An aesthetically pleasing sign is a simple way to show the public that your company cares not only about its brand, but you care about the quality of products and services you offer. A sign with great branding can portray the essence of your company, exposing your brand, attracting customers, and unleashing the potential for revenue growth.

Advertising is designed to be noticed. A round light box sign is highly noticeable as human eyes are naturally drawn to light, so, there’s virtually no chance of your messaging being overlooked. Adding to their prominence is that these signs can be double-sided, creating more viewing angles and doubling their visibility. And because the RLB series sign’s face never blanks out, even when the sign is turned off, your messaging will be seen 24/7.

Signs illuminated with LEDs hold additional benefits over fluorescent, neon, or incandescent lighting. For instance, LEDs are brighter, providing more lumens per watt than the previously mentioned lighting methods. Further, LEDs are cost- and energy-efficient, with a lifespan of 50,000 to 100,000 hours, so you know your sign will function as designed for years to come.

When pondering outdoor signage for your business, think about the benefits of a Signal-Tech Round Light Box Sign and how it can help you become more successful.

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