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Wholesale Manufacturer of Directional LED Signs & Signals

Signal-Tech Advantage

5 Reasons You Should Choose Signal-Tech For Your Signage Needs

1. Quickest lead-time in the industry
2. Endless custom options; without the custom price
3. Interactive website with online ordering
4. Warranty
5. Personalized Service

1 - Quickest lead-time in the industry

All of Signal-Tech's products are proudly manufactured in the USA, allowing you to get the best lead-time in the industry. You can also take advantage of our service, order now, ship it later, which allows you to order your signs when you're ready and schedule shipping when your project is ready.

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2 - Endless custom options; without the custom price

Can't find the sign you're looking for? We have the solution. You can customize a sign to fit your needs. Signal-Tech will work closely with you to design a sign that will best fit the application. The options to customize a sign are endless:

  • Display any message, multiple messages or multi-lingual messages
  • Choose the font, logo or graphic
  • Select the size of the characters and cabinet
  • Choose the color of your message and paint the color of your cabinet, frame or panel
  • Select from different voltage options
  • Control the message display with hardwired or wireless accessories
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3 - Interactive website with online ordering

With just the click of a mouse, we strive to provide you with all the services and product information you need:

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Create an online account to get more benefits and services at your fingertips, such as:

  • View pricing
  • Place orders
  • Track shipments of online orders
  • Check status of open orders
  • Request free personalized literature
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4 - Warranty

We guarantee you're providing the highest quality signage for your customers. We have the best warranty in the industry, showing that we stand behind our products. We use the highest quality materials for all of our products, which improve their performance and life expectancy.

  • Green Engineering Practices
    • Our team of engineers design the LED signs to run at lower milliamps. While maintaining the brilliance of the LEDs, this practice helps to keep operating temperatures low, which extends LED life expectancy, and they consume less energy than standard LED signs, saving even more on energy costs.
  • High Quality LEDs
    • We use the brightest LEDs on the market. They are made with special hi-temp epoxy, which protects the LEDs in high temperatures and improves their performance and life expectancy.
  • Sign cabinets
    • The cabinets of our signs are constructed of durable extruded aluminum, which is a non-corrosive material and ideal for extreme weather conditions.

5 - Personalized Service

  • Request free demos
  • Free personalized literature
  • New Sign system Design Service, complete outdoor sign package for any business/commercial property
  • Instant email of quotes and order acknowledgements with product spec sheets
  • Easy to do business with
    • Experienced and supportive sales associates
    • Technical graphic designers
    • Engineering team
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