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How Financial Institutions Can Utilize Digital Display Boards

Dec 20, 2021

How Financial Institutions Can Utilize Digital Display Boards Image

Remember when a financial institution's outdoor digital display boards were one of the most convenient ways to learn the current time and temperature? Now, everyone has instant access to this basic information via their smartphone or their vehicle's dashboard display. As time progresses, technology advances, and in turn, so do the public's needs. Because of this, financial institutions should be finding new ways to capture the attention of passersby and engage with the public, including updating their signage.

Today's digital display boards have evolved into small, personalized billboards that display full-color, dynamic messaging… essentially breathing new life into static messaging and images. Financial institutions have the opportunity to use digital signage to tailor their messaging for specific purposes and refresh it nearly instantly as often as they'd like. Below are three ways implementing digital display boards with full-color, dynamic messaging can benefit your financial institution.

Educate New & Existing Customers

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A financial institution's customer base and potential customer base are diverse, coming from all walks of life, wealth levels, and financial literacy. Your digital signage is an excellent, pressure-free opportunity to get educational messaging, such as financial best practices, security measures, and easy ways to save money for new and existing customers. By putting this content on your digital display, you show that you care about everyone's financial well-being, positioning your institution as a financial industry expert and a Good Samaritan — both of which are great attributes for your business.

Get the Word out About Products & Services

Your customers' time is precious; their typical visit to the bank or credit union is for a simple task, such as a withdrawal or deposit, and they don't want to receive a sales pitch on additional products. However, dynamic, full-color, digital signage is the perfect place to advertise your loan rates, monthly specials, and make customers aware of new products and services. In this way, they are made aware of new financial opportunities without feeling pressured into the conversation, instead letting them invite themselves on their terms.

Promote Your Community Engagement, Goodwill, Awards, and Accolades

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Full-color, dynamic signage is a great way to capture passersby's attention. But when you have them looking, how can you ensure they engage and know they matter to your financial institution? Interesting, outside-of-the-box messaging is an excellent way to ensure that if they look at your sign, they're reading it, want to know more, and are confident in your business.

Communicating your institution's core values and dedication to its community through your digital display boards lets the public know you're invested in and care about them. In this way, the public will be more inclined to do business with you and show their loyalty over their lifetime. Messaging that promotes goodwill throughout the community can include, but isn't limited to:

  • Congratulating local groups on achievements and successes
  • Announcing customer appreciation days
  • Announcing community fundraisers
  • Showcasing local non-profit organizations
  • Announcing community sponsorships

You can also supplement and support your dedication to the community and customers by creating messaging that features your institution's custom service awards, accolades, and other high forms of recognition. This will let your message carry substance and not ring hollow with its audience.

Signal-Tech is the leading manufacturer of LED signage systems and solutions for the financial industry. Our team of experts is ready to help you select the best products to upgrade the digital signage at your bank or credit union. Contact us to learn how upgrading to modern, full-color, and dynamic digital messaging can help your bank or credit immediately and in the long term.