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How to Calculate Watts or Amps

Aug 31, 2020

Choose your calculator to find AMPS or Watts.

This calculator converts watts to amps for Single Phase AC only.
0 Watts
This calculator converts amps to watts for Single Phase AC only.

If you're looking to calculate watts, where can you find the amp draw of our signs? You have a few different options!

Note: Amps are displayed in a range. This range represents the low and high end for each of our 2 voltage ranges: 12-24VDC and 120-277VAC.


  • The amp range is found on the white sticker on the side of the sign.
  • Find the AMPS on the sign


  • Quote
  • Order Acknowledgement
  • Find the AMPS on the Order Acknowledgement

Under the "Spec Sheet" section of each product found on the above correspondence, the link will take you to that products spec sheet. The amp range per message can be found in the bottom left.


  • If your sign is on our website, you can view the spec sheet by searching the product number (ex. 5887) and pressing the "Spec Sheet" button
  • Find the AMPS online

If you need help with your sign, give us a call, email or online chat and our friendly team of talented sales people will get back to you right away.