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5 Essential Bank Drive-Thru Signs

Nov 1, 2023

5 Essential Bank Drive-Thru Signs

Signage is one of the simplest but most effective ways to improve the efficiency, safety, and aesthetics of a bank or credit union’s drive-thru lanes. From open/closed signs to customized messaging and graphics, signs keep financial institution patrons aware of everything going on in the drive-thru. But what bank drive-thru signs are needed, and what function do they serve?

1 - Illuminated Directional and Wayfinding Signage

5494 product image

Before motorists can speak with drive-thru bank tellers, they need to know how to get to the drive-thru lanes. Often, this is an obvious task: drivers simply look at the facility and drive their vehicles to the drive-thru lanes. However, there are banks and credit unions where drive-thru lanes are not visible from the street or the facility’s façade. There are also instances where the entrance of the drive-thru lanes is one lane that diverges into several different lanes. Illuminated directional and wayfinding signs are the perfect solution to inform drivers where the drive-thru lanes are and tell them which lane - ATM, ITM, Live Teller, Commercial, Specialty, to name a few — to drive toward. This helps reduce driver confusion at the bank or credit, which reduces traffic congestion. Less traffic congestion results in a safer facility and efficient drive-thru lanes.

Teller Closed | ATM Closed image

2 - Illuminated Open/Closed and Drive-Thru Lane Identification Signs

Once motorists know where to find the drive-thru lanes, it’s time to identify the lane and indicate if it’s open or closed. The easiest way to do this is with illuminated bank drive-thru signs. These signs can be controlled with a switch or with Signal-Tech’s proprietary software (more on that in a bit) and include:

3 - Non-illuminated Over-height Clearance Bars

Clearance Bar image

An excellent way to prevent property damage to both vehicles and the brick-and-mortar structure of the financial institution is by implementing over-height clearance bars in drive-thru lanes. These non-illuminated bank drive-thru signs notify taller vehicles, such as trucks, buses, or oversized loads, from entering areas with low overhead clearance. Over-height clearance bars are an easy, preventative measure to avoid damage and the costs associated with repairing vehicles and buildings. These non-illuminated signs are made of extruded aluminum and are fully customizable — they can be painted any color, have any message or logo displayed, and are available at any length to fit the needs of any financial institution’s drive-thru lanes.

RGB image

4 - Full-Color, Dynamic Variable Message Signs

No other single sign offers more versatility than a full-color, dynamic, variable message sign. These LED bank drive-thru signs provide a multi-purpose and attention-grabbing medium to convey information about the financial institution and its promotions/offerings, instructions for using drive-thru lanes and equipment, and can even provide safety messages and precautions. Whatever message financial institutions want customers to read, full-color, dynamic, variable message signs can display it: everything from colorful text, graphics, logos, animation, and enhanced visual effects is possible.

5 - Backlit Signage with Customized Messaging and Graphics

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Financial institutions spend a lot of money on branding to ensure customers a positive and memorable experience. After all, branding says everything about a business—what a company represents, its capabilities, to whom it caters, and how customers and prospects perceive it, among other things. One of the easiest ways to capitalize on unique branding and create a memorable, positive experience is through customizable, backlit signs. Lights and colors are excellent ways to grab the attention of passersby, hence why the financial institution’s branding should be featured on these signs. Customizable, backlit signs provide banks and credit unions with virtually limitless design options — if it can be dreamed, it can be made — to show off their branding and create an exceptional customer experience.

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Control Signs from Virtually Anywhere with Financial Smart Sign Software

Switches are the most straightforward way to control illuminated bank drive-thru signs. However, there are instances when illuminated signs controlled by switches aren’t the best solution, including:

  • When teller services are moving to a centralized location
  • When ITMs are installed in drive-thru lanes
  • When the branch drive-thru is staffed with remotely located tellers
  • When drive-thru teller service hours are extended beyond traditional branch hours
  • When different branches have different business hours

For these situations, illuminated signs remotely controlled by network-based, smart digital signage software are the superior choice. The signs look just like standard illuminated drive-thru signs and fit in the same physical footprints, but can be controlled virtually anywhere. Once smart sign schedules are made and their messages are chosen, the signs’ messaging follows the scheduled commands until administrators change it.

Are you thinking about installing illuminated bank drive-thru signs? The financial sector is one of Signal-Tech’s original markets and has an entire product dedicated to bank and credit union drive-thru optimization. Go ahead and contact our knowledgeable sales and engineering staff anytime to learn more about our bank drive-thru signs and how they can benefit from them for years to come.