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Prevent Property Damage with Our Overheight Vehicle Detection System

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An overheight vehicle detection system is a smart way to help prevent tall or oversized vehicles from colliding with structures with limited clearances. These systems warn drivers that their vehicle exceeds the height of an upcoming clearance and provide additional benefits, including:

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Prevent Damage: Overheight vehicles can inflict major damage to brick-and-mortar structures and the vehicles themselves if they attempt to enter areas with insufficient clearance. These systems warn drivers of overheight vehicles before they enter a facility and help prevent costly damages.

Promote Safety: In addition to vehicle and facility damage, overheight vehicles pose safety risks to pedestrians and other vehicles. Detecting overheight vehicles early can help prevent accidents and ensure the safety of everyone within the facility.

Bolster Efficiency: When oversized vehicles try to enter a facility with limited clearance, significant delays and disruptions to traffic flows are bound to occur. When overheight vehicles are detected early, they can be redirected to areas with the proper clearance, improving traffic efficiency and reducing congestion.

Improve Customer Satisfaction: By preventing accidents and minimizing delays, these systems contribute to a positive experience for all users of a facility.

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What is the Overheight Vehicle Detection System & How Does It Work?

General Specifications

  • Total power consumption: 1W plus LED sign consumption

Sensor Pair

  • Optex OVS-50TNR Dual Through Beam Sensor
  • 50ft (15.24m) max detection range
  • Twin infrared beam interruption detection
  • Easy to install (no wires to transmitter)
  • 24VDC input (receiver; supplied by Control Module)
  • 8-year battery life w/ low-battery indicator (transmitter; batteries included
  • Adjustable alignment angle: ±90º horizontal, ±5º vertical
  • Adjustable interuption time: 20, 100, 250, 500ms
  • Form C relay output: SPDT, NC and NO (receiver)
  • Temperature range: -4°F to 140°F (95% RH, non-condensing)

Control Module

  • Operating voltage: 24VDC or 100-240VAC (depending on model #)
  • Adjustable activation timer: 1-99 seconds
  • NEMA 4X enclosure
  • Relay output rating: 1A (AC); 4A (DC)

Signage & Accessories

  • Operating voltage: 24VDC or 100-240VAC (depending on model #)
  • Power consumption: Varies (refer to sign’s spec sheet)
  • Flashing: Optional
  • Audible alarm: Optional
  • Strobe: Optional

The Signal-Tech Overheight Vehicle Detection System is a simple solution that supplements existing physical barriers, such as overhead clearance bars and is made of five unique components.

  1. The Sensor/Receiver - Our Sensor/Receiver detects only vehicles at a specific height and higher. This Sensor triggers all other components of the Overheight Detection System.
  2. The Control Module - Our Control Module allows the Overheight Detection System’s sign and audio accessories to be activated for a time span specified by the facility operator.
  3. Signage - A low-voltage (24 VDC) or line voltage (100-240VAC) direct-view or backlit LED sign is used to visually alert drivers that their vehicle is overheight and could cause a collision.
  4. Auxiliary Visual Alerts – Additional visual alerts — strobes or flashers — can be added to the system to enhance its ability to alert drivers.
  5. Audio Accessories - Audio accessories help to alert drivers further that their vehicle is overheight and may cause a collision. They can be adjusted as loud as 95dB at 10 feet and can be anything from a buzzer or chirp to a spoken-word warning message.
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When a vehicle passes through the IR beam of a pair of our specially designed sensors, its relay output triggers the system’s Control Module, which activates all the system components for 1-99 seconds as programmed by the user.

While illuminated, the LED sign — readable in direct sunlight — alerts drivers that their vehicle is overheight and could cause a collision with an overhang, ceiling, or canopy, ultimately causing damage to the vehicle and the facility.

In addition to illuminated signage, the Overheight Detection System can be equipped with auxiliary visual alerts, such as beacon strobes or flashing lights, activated and kept illuminated by the Control Module. These added visual cues help garner more attention than the illuminated sign by itself.

Finally, audio accessories can be added to the system to bolster its ability to warn drivers of overheight situations. Audio accessories are also activated and kept audible by the Control Module, maximizing the system’s warning capabilities.

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Signal-Tech’s Overheight Detection System is an innovative, proactive way to promote safety and prevent costly property damage while bolstering facility efficiency and promoting a positive customer experience.