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Non-Illuminated Panel System

Custom-sized Aluminum Panel System

A custom designed non-illuminated panel sign; built for outdoor or indoor use. The panel system can be designed to your specific size, color, and message. Message panels are 0.040 aluminum and can be single or double-sided. Each message panel includes a ¾” T return for stabilization.

Our Non-illuminated Panel System is available in 2 designs:

I-Panel Signs I-Panel Sign
A message panel with factory applied vinyl graphics and mounting. Each Sign includes:
  • One white, 0.40 aluminum message panel cut to size with factory applied, reflective vinyl graphics. Standard vinyl colors are black or white.
  • One black, extruded mounting channel with two black end caps.
I-Panel Kit I-Panel Kit
A blank message panel and mounting – you supply the graphics. Each Kit includes:
  • One 0.40 aluminum message panel cut to size, white color both sides
  • One extruded mounting channel with end caps, color: black

The standard aluminum message panel is white with a black mounting channel. Message panels and mounting channel can be painted one of our custom Signal-Tech colors or painted to match your specific requirements. I-Panel Signs are available with black or white reflective vinyl graphics; custom vinyl colors are available upon request.

Either of the panel systems can be ordered with a free hang mount or fixed mount. Fixed mounts can be attached to the top or side of the message panel. Mounting details below.

Sizing Your Aluminum Panel System

Our Non-illuminated Panel Signs and Kits are designed for customization

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Mounting Options

I-Panel Mountiong Options