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Parking & Traffic Control System

Parking & Traffic Control Software

Fill your spaces with a Smarter Parking System

Our Parking and Traffic Control System can manage your garage capacity and traffic flow from one platform. It has the ability to count cars while directing the flow of traffic in and around the parking facility or campus.

Watch an overview of the Parking and Traffic Control System
  • Count vehicles in real-time
  • Display open space counts at the garage or across the campus
  • Eliminate traffic congestion at “Full” parking locations by re-directing motorists to alternate or underutilized parking locations
  • Collect, report and share parking data
  • Expand the system as needs change

Experience the integration of real-time parking data and intelligent sign control!

It’s ideal for a single parking garage or multiple locations in a campus setting. It adapts to new and existing garages and surface lots and interfaces with third-party loop detection and gates. The System can automatically redirect traffic to alternate parking locations through the integration of real-time parking occupancy conditions and remotely placed space available and changeable wayfinding signs.

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The Parking and Traffic Control System

Signal-Tech’s Parking and Traffic Control System is a sole source solution, featuring these fully integrated products:

Here’s how the System works

The RedStorm 2.1 Parking Guidance System is a vehicle count system with Space Available Signs running on a RS485 network. Vehicles are counted at each transition point in the System using Signal-Tech overhead sensors or third-party anti-tailgating loops. With proper delineation, installation and maintenance, the System has near perfect accuracy. The SuperMaster Controller is the brains of the system. It collects the vehicle counts from each transition point, calculates the available space counts and communicates this information to the Space Available Signs via RS485 and to the RedStorm Sign Control and Reporting Software (Software) via the facility Ethernet.


The RedStorm Sign Control and Reporting Software resides on the facility network and is connected the Parking Guidance System through the SuperMaster Controller. Once connected, the Software will monitor, report and share parking activity from any network computer or device that have been granted with permission.

The Software has the capacity to manage one or multiple RedStorm Systems. Management functionality includes: adjusting parking space counts and capacities within a zone, scheduling count maintenance by zone and setting up email alerts for atypical system activity. It also includes rich reporting functionality for analyzing trends, utilization and creating custom reports as well as exporting data as a .csv file. In addition, the software supports a live XML feed so open space counts can be pushed out for viewing through the end users web services.

The Software will control an unlimited number of Smart Signs connected to the facility network: Smart Space Available Signs, Smart VMS Signs, and Smart changeable message signs. These Smart Signs can be used to guide the flow of traffic by:

  • Aggregating the open space counts from each parking location on the campus and displaying these counts on Smart Space Available sign at the campus entrance
  • Reducing traffic congestion at FULL parking garages/lots and redirecting traffic to other parking locations with available parking. This is achieved by setting up the conditional statements in the software to display messages that redirect motorists based on their real-time RedStorm parking occupancy percentages.
  • Controlling changeable lane Smart Signs, such as X↓, to direct the traffic flow during peak travel times by scheduling specific Smart Sign messages to display based on day and time of day

What makes the Parking and Traffic Control System unique?

  • It will manage one or multiple RedStorm 2.1 Parking Guidance Systems and an unlimited number of Smart Signs.
  • It will broadcast open space counts to Smart Space Available Signs and Smart VMS Rebel Programmable Displays anywhere on the network.
  • It can control wayfinding and directional signs automatically using
    • a user-defined perpetual weekly schedule and/or
    • real-time RedStorm parking occupancy parameters.
  • It will send alerts and notifications to assist in pinpointing and diagnosing System anomalies.
  • It will create graphical RedStorm parking reports and supports exporting the parking data in .csv format.
    RedStorm Reports RedStorm Reports
  • It offers the ability to push open space counts to your web services through a live XML feed.
  • It features a User Interface for monitoring System activity on any desktop or mobile device. Access is permissions-based.
brochure Download the Parking & Traffic Control Brochure

Put an end to the congestion and frustration caused from aimlessly searching for a parking spot on your campus! Contact us today to learn more!

System Requirements

RedStorm 2.1 Parking Guidance System


  • 120–240V input power at the SuperMaster Controller
  • RS485 Wired Network Bus
  • 120–277V input power at each Space Available Sign

When integrated with the Sign Control & Reporting Software

  • A wired Ethernet connection from the SuperMaster Controller to the facility network
  • Ethernet DHCP static lease

Sign Control & Reporting Software

Computer Requirements (by others)

  • Server grade PC with power backup running Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 or higher
  • Minimum requirements: 8 GB RAM and 128 GB of hard drive space

Network Requirements

  • Ethernet
  • DHCP enabled

Smart Sign System

Each Static Sign and Smart Space Available Sign Requires

  • A power connection at the sign of either 12–24V or 120–277V based on sign series
  • A wired Ethernet network connection at the sign
  • Ethernet DHCP static lease

Each VMS Rebel Programmable Sign Requires

  • A power connection at the sign of 110–240V
  • A physical Ethernet network connection at the sign
  • A static IP address on the network