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RedStorm 2.0 - How It Works

How it works | RedStorm

More About The RedStorm™ 2.0 Parking Guidance System

The RedStorm™ 2.0 Parking Guidance System is a stand-alone system, offering centralized control, simplified planning, and robust network capabilities. It supports open-source protocol integration and is compatible with 3rd party in-ground loop detection systems. This parking guidance system is flexible enough to support a small surface lot as well as a multi-level parking structure.

The RedStorm Parking Guidance System installs without structural changes (no cement to cut), requires no software installation and will interface with 3rd party parking management systems.

How the parking guidance system works

As a car or motorcycle enters the parking garage or lot it passes between a pair of sensors that can detect direction of travel or over a pair of in-ground loop detectors. When the vehicle triggers detection, the Differential Counters (DZ Counters) captures that information and communicates it to the SuperMaster Control Center. The Control Center in turn communicates it to the space available signs and the "available space count" on Level 1 is reduced by one. If the vehicle continues to Level 2 or another area in the lot it will trigger another set of sensors to add one "available space" to Level 1 and subtract one space from Level 2. This information is communicated to the space available signs and the count is updated and so on. The SuperMaster Control Center keeps a running count of the vehicles entering and exiting the garage or defined levels of the garage and communicates the information to signage throughout the system in real-time.

The RedStorm Parking Guidance System Network

The RedStorm Parking Guidance System operates on a RS-485 hardwired network. Typical RedStorm Parking Guidance System network topology looks like this.

Network Topography

RS 485 Network Requirements

The parking guidance system consists of three (3) basic components + LED signs:

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RedStorm 2.0 is the Green choice in parking guidance systems

The combination of RedStorm's LED Space Available Signs and real-time car counting capabilities make finding an open space faster , more efficient and eliminates congestion.

Faster Parking = Lower Exhaust Emissions and Improved Air Quality.

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