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How it Works

Here’s how the System works

The basic RedStorm 2.1 Parking Guidance System is a vehicle count system with Space Available Signs running on a RS485 network. Vehicles are counted at each transition point in the System using Signal-Tech overhead sensors or third-party anti-tailgating loops. With proper delineation, installation and maintenance, the System has near perfect accuracy. The SuperMaster Controller is the brains of the system. It collects the vehicle counts from each transition point, calculates the available space counts and communicates this information to the Space Available Signs via RS485.

When the System includes RedStorm Sign Control and Reporting Software (Software), the counts are also communicated to the Software via the facility Ethernet. The RedStorm Software has the capacity to manage one or multiple RedStorm car counting systems. The Software is used to monitor and report parking activity, maintain the vehicle count system, and control message displays on Smart Signs in the System. This can be done from any network computer or device with access permissions.

Software functions include:

  • Adjusting parking space counts and capacities within a zone,
  • Scheduling count maintenance by zone
  • Setting up email alerts for atypical system activity
  • Ability to create reports for analyzing trends and utilization as well as custom needs. Report data can be exported as a .csv file.
  • Supports a live XML feed so user can make open space counts viewable through their web services.

When Smart Signs are integrated into the RedStorm 2.1 Parking Guidance System, Smart Sign messages can be set to change based on parking occupancy percentages. As parking capacities fill up, Smart Sign messages change to alert and redirect traffic to open parking locations. Additionally, Smart Sign messages can be set to respond to a weekly schedule of pre-defined messages based on day and time. The Software can control an unlimited number of Smart Signs as long as they are connected to the facility network and accessible by the Software.