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3 Ways Digital Message Boards Can Enhance Quick Service Restaurants

Jan 19, 2022

3 Ways Digital Message Boards Can Enhance Quick Service Restaurants Image

The competition has never been fiercer in the Quick-Service Restaurant (QSR) industry. From the choice of many QSRs to offer new breakfast menus (even all-day breakfast options in some cases) to the chicken sandwich wars, it’s evident every restaurant is fighting to be king of the hill. Below are three ways digital message boards can help your establishment stand out from the crowd while boosting sales and enhancing the customer experience.

KFC Drive-thru Image

Confusion-Free Directions and Lane Control

Between parking a vehicle and dining in, multiple drive-thru lanes , curbside pickup areas, delivery service pickup areas, and all the other options offered to enhance the consumer experience, today’s QSRs can be a very confusing place. The most efficient QSRs utilize wayfinding and directional signage to ensure smooth traffic flows, make sure orders are received quickly, assure QSR and drive-through operations are running efficiently, and help customers have the best possible experience. Directional signage for all the areas of a modern QSR includes:

  • Open/closed signs
  • Red/green lights
  • Red X/green arrow
  • Left, right, straight arrow
  • Do not enter
  • Custom messages
McDonalds Drive-thru Image

Raise Awareness and Encourage Impulse Purchases

When motorists approach your QSR, chances are they already know what they want to order without ever looking at the menu board. Digital message boards are an excellent way to make customers aware of products they may not have heard of or encourage them to purchase an additional item at an impulse. This can be accomplished by placing digital signage featuring these items as part of your store’s flagship signage and strategically positioning displays along drive-thru lanes ahead of the ordering kiosk. Impulse buys can also be encouraged by featuring promotional messaging, such as “half off milkshakes,” at off-peak hours.

Showcase the Store, Promote Its Supported Causes, and Create Goodwill

Another way QSRs can utilize digital signage as a competitive differentiator is to use it to interact with customers. Unique, non-self-promotional messaging is an excellent way to capture the public’s attention. For instance, your store could use digital messaging boards to:

  • Highlight the success of groups within the community
  • Announce customer appreciation days
  • Announce community fundraisers
  • Showcase local non-profit organizations
  • Announce community sponsorships
  • Promote the store’s social media presence
  • Display regular store hours and holidays
  • Recognize the employee of the month
  • Recruit potential job applicants

Digital signboards can be one of the most valuable tools in your arsenal (outside of your top-notch employees and outstanding product). They can be used to direct customers to appropriate areas, promote special occasions at your restaurant, create excellent customer experiences with timely digital messages, promote impulse sales, and build a sense of community with next-level customer engagement. No other single investment will provide as many tangible returns as dynamic digital signage.

Signal-Tech is the leading manufacturer of LED signage systems for QSRs and drive-thru applications. Our team of experts is ready to help you choose the best dynamic signage solution so you can begin reaping its many benefits. Contact us to learn how upgrading to modern, full-color, and dynamic digital messaging can help your QSR.