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How To: Adjust the Flash Rate for TCL, SBL or PHX Signs

Jul 28, 2020

  • Remove screws from the cabinet and remove back of sign
  • Locate dial on the flasher module. (see photos below)
  • Turn dial with a 2mm flathead (5/64") to the desired flash rate
  • Typical factory standard flash rate is 55fpm when the dial is turned all the way to the right. When the dial is turned counter-clockwise from factory standard position, the flash rate starts at 6fpm and will increase to 300fpm as you continue to turn it counter-clockwise, resulting in the following:
    • Counter-clockwise = speed up flash rate
    • Clockwise = slow down flash rate


Light Engine Flasher Location
PHX Sign Flasher Location
TCL Sign Flasher Location