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RedStorm™ Parking Guidance System

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Fill your spaces with a Smarter Parking System

The RedStorm 2.1 Parking Guidance System is a car counting system with OPTIONS:

  • Install it as a stand-alone car counting system with Space Available signs - no Ethernet or software required
  • Add RedStorm Reporting Software and start monitoring your parking activity today
  • Add Signal-Tech Smart Signs for the ultimate Parking and Traffic Control Solution!

It's ideal for a single parking garage or for multiple locations in a campus setting. It adapts to new and existing garages and surface lots and interfaces with third-party loop detection and gates.

Watch an overview of the RedStorm Parking Guidance System

RedStorm 2.1 PGS is more than a car park system with software. It has the ability to count vehicles while redirecting patrons to alternate or overflow parking through a network of fully integrated, intelligent Smart Signs. As parking capacities fill up, RedStorm can change the messages on Smart Signs to alert and redirect traffic.

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When you choose RedStorm 2.1 PGS

RedStorm 2.1

You are choosing a parking guidance system that is:

  • Expandable over time
  • Capable of delivering accurate counts even when tailgating occurs
  • Compatible with new and existing 3rd party loop detection equipment
  • Ideal for service driven industries with non-revenue control parking garages and lots
  • TCP/IP Ethernet enabled for use with our RedStorm Sign Control & Reporting Software and Signal-Tech Smart Signs
  • Supported by a trained network of providers and an engineering team in the U.S.A.

How it Works

As a vehicle enters the parking garage or lot it passes over a pair of loop detectors or under a pair of overhead sensors that can detect direction of travel. When the vehicle triggers detection, the DZ Counter (differential counter) captures that information and communicates it to the SuperMaster Controller. The SuperMaster in turn communicates the counts to the Space Available Signs and updates the LED count displays on the signs in real-time. More


Why RedStorm 2.1?

It's Expandable
Start with one RedStorm 2.1 total count system. Expand it to a level by level count system. Add software to increase your span of control and Smart Signs for traffic control:

  • Begin monitoring and reporting parking activity so you can deliver the best parking experience to your customers
  • Manage one or multiple RedStorm 2.1 parking locations
  • Share available parking information with your customers using our XML feed
  • Use parking occupancy-level-conditions to redirect motorists to alternate parking with smart LED wayfinding signs

It's Accurate
Using infrared technology to detect vehicle movement even when there is bumper to bumper tailgating situations.

RedStorm 2.1 Anti-tailgating Sensor Technology
You can count on RedStorm's ability to detect vehicles even in congested tailgating situations. We use the optical precision of infra-red technology to detect vehicular movement. Our sensors have a 7 foot wide sensing field which provides maximum coverage over the traffic lane and a narrow 3 inch deep sensing field ensures detection of individual cars, even in bumper to bumper traffic.

It's Simple
Installs without structural changes, no concrete to cut. RedStorm 2.1 will interface with 3rd party inductive loops as well as our Overhead Sensors.

It's Versatile
RedStorm adapts to any garage or surface lot configuration. Use it for existing or new parking facilities, large or small lots, as well as city-wide or campus-type locations. Simple enough to support a total count system at a single structure or lot; and robust enough to handle complex level by level counts as well as multiple garages, surface lots or combinations of both.

  • As a Total Count System track the number of vehicles entering and exiting the garage or lot.
  • As a Level by Level Count System track the number of available or open spaces by level, deck or nested area in your parking facility
  • In a city-wide or campus-style parking application, broadcast available or open space counts to signs across the network
  • Eliminate traffic congestion at "Full" parking locations by re-directing motorists to alternate or underutilized parking locations

It's Green
RedStorm's real-time car counting, Space Available signs and Smart Signs' traffic control capabilities make finding an open space faster and easier. Faster parking reduces fuel usage and eliminates congestion and stress.

Experience the integration of real-time parking data and intelligent sign control. It's a sole source, fully integrated parking and traffic control solution from Signal-Tech!