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RedStorm 2.0 - Planning

The RedStorm System is a stand-alone RS-485 network consisting of a RedStorm SuperMaster Control Center, Differential Zone Counters (DZ Counters) and Space Available Signs which interface with commercially available vehicle detection equipment (typically sensors or inground loop detectors).

The RedStorm 2.0 System is flexible enough to support a small surface lot or a multi-level parking structure. It is not required to be tied-in with the main parking facility network and is the ideal system to integrate with existing loop detection.

Using sensors or loop detectors the DZ Counters keep a running count of the vehicles entering and exiting defined levels or zones of the parking facility. The SuperMaster Control Center takes this information and uses it to display available space counts on the system signage. Each loop detector or pair of sensors is hard-wired to a DZ Counter. Refer to Page 3 for typical network topology.

How it works

As the vehicle enters the parking garage or lot it passes over a pair of in-ground loop detectors or between a pair of sensors that can detect direction of travel. The RedStorm 2.0 SuperMaster Control Center is pre-loaded at the factory with the total number of available parking spaces for each zone or level to be counted. This becomes the baseline of available parking spaces within the system. IN/OUT counts are adjusted from the baseline and displayed on the system signage.

RedStorm 2.0 is not an individual space counting system. The system does not recognize if a space is parked in or not. RedStorm 2.0 only recognizes when a vehicle enters or exits a parking level or zone and either subtracts one vehicle entrance or adds one vehicle exit. The SuperMaster Control Center is the central control point for the RedStorm 2.0 System. It gathers the vehicle count information from the Differential Zone Counters (DZ Counters) on each of the levels or zones; controls communication sequencing; and communicates the vehicle count information to the system signage in real-time.

In summary, the RedStorm 2.0 System works by deducting a space from the available space count when a vehicle enters a level or zone and adds an available space back on when a vehicle exits the level or zone.

Typical RedStorm 2.0 Network Topology

RS 485 Network