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How Digital Signage Solutions Help the Transportation Industry

Jan 10, 2022

How Digital Signage Solutions Help the Transportation Industry Image

Digital signage solutions effectively enable traffic and transportation authorities to convey critical information to motorists, pedestrians, and commuters. LED signs are brighter than other types of illuminated signs, they consume significantly less power, and with third-party relay controls, messaging can be changed from a remote location at the end-users discretion. Benefits of them include:

  • Stronger engagement
  • Improved information recall/retention
  • Bolstered customer experience
  • Improved visibility and readability
  • Better audience targeting

Below are some applications for digital signage solutions in specific transportation industry segments and their benefits.

Traffic and Highway

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The use of LEDs in street, traffic, highway, and lane control signage is on the rise, and for good reason. These digital signage solutions provide better visibility in direct sunlight and low-light conditions than non-illuminated signs, contributing to bolstered safety for motorists and pedestrians. Any Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) symbol can be made into an LED traffic sign, giving them an added layer of versatility. In highway applications, large digital signboards can be used to display highway hazard advisories, variable speed limits, upcoming construction zones, detours, toll zones, and lane convergence.


Digital signage leading to the airport and within its confines is an easy and effective way to reduce the stress of air travel while keeping passengers informed, engaged, and promoting a positive travel experience.

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Much like in highway applications, large, easy-to-read digital signage solutions can be used to relay crucial information to commuters on their way to the airport. For instance, LED signs can display open/closed parking lots and their hourly, daily, and weekly rates. Then, directional arrows on airport roadways can guide travelers to arrivals, departures, and specific terminals.

These large, easy-to-read signs work best for airports when set up on the airport's surrounding, incoming roads, and when implemented at traveler drop-off and pick-up points.

Within the airport terminal, digital signs can guide passengers to the proper gate. They can also direct passengers to self-service kiosks, provide directional guidance within the airport to additional terminals and security checkpoints, and alert those in the airport of security threats should they occur.

Mass Transit and Public Transportation

Digital signage solutions empower train stations, subway depots, bus terminals, and ferries with the ability to keep passengers informed of vital information quickly and easily compared to traditional, moveable letter boards. Digital signs alert passengers of arrivals and departures and direct travelers to the correct terminal and self-service kiosks. And with full-color, animated signs, they can even be used to promote upcoming travel specials and available discounts.

Enhancing the Transportation Ecosystem

No matter the transportation industry segment, digital signage solutions empower passengers with the vital information they need to ensure safe, efficient travels nearly instantaneously. When the travel experience is efficient and hiccup-free, customer satisfaction is boosted, and one-time passengers are more likely to become repeat customers, which is a win for the transportation entity. When appropriately deployed, digital signage is an incredibly useful tool that benefits all parties in the industry.

Digital signage has dramatically changed how transportation entities convey critical information to passengers and, consequently, improved the travel experience. Signal-Tech is the leading manufacturer of LED signage systems and solutions for the transportation industry. Let us help you create a powerful passenger experience by transforming your transportation hub with smart transportation digital signage. Contact us today to learn more!