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How LED Message Signs Modernize and Enhance Parking Facilities

Sep 28, 2021

How LED Message Signs Modernize and Enhance Parking Facilities Image

The COVID-19 pandemic put a significant damper on parking demand in 2020, and consequently, the parking industry as a whole. Between mandatory lockdowns/stay-at-home orders, the shift to working from home, canceled sporting events and concerts, retail/shopping restrictions, and limited capacity in-person dining, the demand for parking nearly flat-lined.

Now, as restrictions lift and a shift back toward pre-pandemic life occurs, parking authorities should consider enhancing their facilities and improving the experience for end-users. Implementing LED message signs will enhance the customer experience and offer new revenue-generating opportunities. Here’s how your parking facility can be so much more than just real estate for parked vehicles.

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A major downfall of many parking facilities is a lack of (or poorly functioning) directional and navigational signage. A functional and efficient facility provides drivers with clear instructions to navigate the premises, no matter if it’s a multi-level garage or small parking lot in an alley. However, having simple directional or navigational signage may not be enough to ensure drivers are informed and the facility is running efficiently. Traditional methods of providing navigational guidance, such as directional arrows painted on the floor, can be easily overlooked. Contrarily, well-lit LED message signs can be strategically placed through the facility at eye level to virtually eliminate the chance of drivers missing instructions and consequently becoming confused. Well-informed drivers in a parking facility create an efficient facility with high customer satisfaction.

Vital Information Displays

Well-informed patrons of parking facilities are happy patrons, and it’s up to parking authorities to provide their patrons with vital information, including:

  • A clear and visible point of entry and exit
  • Hours of operation
  • Parking rates
  • Space Availability

By making this information quickly, easily, and readily available through LED message signs, you increase the chances of drivers using your facility now and in the future. Additionally, displaying vital information helps ensure you don’t miss out on revenue opportunities and customers have the best possible experience.

Advertisement Revenue

Regarding revenue generation, parking fees don't have to be the only source of income for parking facilities. Generate additional income through advertising via LED message signs, specifically, RGB LED displays for full-color, animated advertisements. Parking authorities can "rent out" digital signage to businesses whose customers use the parking facility or are close to it. This income opportunity is a win for the parking authority as they receive advertising revenue and a win for the featured businesses. Their brand, products, and services are at the forefront of the customers' first step in their buying journey.

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Additional Benefits

Digital signage in parking facilities can be a significant investment. However, that investment is becoming way more practical than standard, static, or traditional signage. For instance, facility operators can program their digital signage to display virtually any message and swap the message — whether it be pricing, hours of operation, or any other vital information — at a moment’s notice.

As a means to improve operations and efficiency, parking facilities can install car counting hardware and software and use it to gather an untapped goldmine of customer data, including:

  • Payment data
  • Length of park time
  • Insight into peak and off-hours

All of this untapped data, when captured, can be used to create and optimize pricing structures, find ways to enhance the garage’s efficiency and profitability, and create content to promote the facility and its initiatives.

Implementing LED message signs in your parking facility is an enormous opportunity to enhance the customer experience, improve facility management practices, modernize the facility, and bolster its profitability. Are you ready to take the next steps to improve your parking facility? Contact us to learn more about our LED parking lot and garage signs and how they benefit you. We would love the opportunity to guide you through what solutions will work best for you and offer designs and quotes free of charge.