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Why Invest in LED Traffic Signs?

Oct 8, 2021

Why Invest in LED Traffic Signs? Image

Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) have been used in electronic signage for decades. From the illuminated open sign at your favorite restaurant to the dual-message OPEN/CLOSED signs for lane control at the bank drive-through, LED technology has become a staple in electronic directional signs. As LED technology continues to advance, so have its practical applications, quietly and assuredly making its way into street, traffic, and lane control signage. LED traffic signs are making an enormous and lasting impact on the street sign industry, improving sign quality and helping assure drivers and pedestrians alike stay safe. Here are five reasons to invest in LED traffic signs.

Improved Daytime/Direct Sunlight Readability and Safety

No Left Turn Sign Image

A traffic sign's primary purpose is to provide guidance and warnings to drivers, help regulate traffic flows between vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists, and promote safety for all parties with concise, simple messaging. When a sign’s messaging can’t be read or is misinterpreted, the chances for a safety incident dramatically increase. Bright, glaring sunlight is a significant catalyst of unreadable, misinterpreted, or missed signs and signals. For instance, construction zones and their reduced speed limits are often indicated by signage and flashing lights. However, incandescent flashing lights in direct sunlight can be difficult for drivers to see, creating a safety risk in the construction zone. In contrast, LEDs remain visible in direct sunlight, improving the visibility of the traffic warning, thus reducing the risk of a work zone traffic incident.

Improved Nighttime Readability and Safety

It should be no surprise that LED lighted signs are very visible at night and in low-light conditions. And it’s no coincidence that nighttime and low-light conditions present the highest risk of traffic collisions. In fact, according to the National Safety Council (NSC), about half of all traffic deaths occur at night, despite just 25 percent of all driving occurring then. A leading cause of these accidents is drivers not clearly seeing traffic signs in low-light conditions. This makes LED traffic signs an excellent tool to prevent nighttime and low-light accidents. Further, the need for well-lit signs becomes increasingly important in winter months when snowy conditions can bring low visibility, and the sun rises late and sets early, with many locations in the U.S. receiving 9 hours (or less) of sunlight each day.

A Modern, More Professional Aesthetic for Added Safety

Simply stated, LED traffic signs look fantastic! They give your municipality an ultramodern, forward-thinking appearance while saying, “The safety of our citizens is paramount!” An LED stop sign positioned at a school bus stop, or school crosswalk is a prime example of this. Traffic authorities put their best foot forward by going above and beyond regulatory compliance, drivers are made more aware of their environment, children are kept safe, and the minds of worried parents are eased. It’s a win for all parties.

Do Not Enter Sign Image


If it’s a non-illuminated traffic sign with a Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) symbol — such as stop, yield, speed limit, street name, no turn, one way, wrong way, dead-end, do not enter, school zone, pedestrian crossing, icy surface, to name a few — that sign can be made into an LED traffic sign. Any sign that makes drivers and pedestrians more aware of their surroundings will always provide greater value and benefit when illuminated by LEDs.

Energy Efficient, Long-Lasting, and Environmentally Friendly

Compared with incandescent lighting, LEDs are the superior lighting choice: they produce stronger, brighter light using less energy, ultimately saving energy costs. LED traffic signs can also be solar-powered (a renewable energy source), adding energy efficiency and sustainability to your infrastructure. And, as LEDs don’t produce light by burning a filament, they last much longer than their incandescent counterparts and produce less waste. Further, LEDs don’t contain harmful substances, such as mercury, unlike fluorescent and neon lights, making them about 95 percent recyclable when they reach their end of life. “Going green” has never been more important, and by utilizing LEDs for traffic signs, you show that your organization is working toward adopting clean, environmentally friendly, sustainable solutions.

Implementing LED traffic signs is an environmentally friendly investment that will bolster safety for drivers and pedestrians while improving environmental aesthetics. Signal-Tech is the leading LED sign company for traffic, roadway, and highway signage. Are you ready to learn more about our traffic and lane control solutions and their benefits? Contact us today to learn more!