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5 Added Benefits of LED Safety Signs in the Workplace

Oct 26, 2021

5 Added Benefits of LED Safety Signs in the Workplace Image

Regardless of industry, safety in the workplace is imperative. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2019, 2.8 million non-fatal injuries occurred in private-sector workplaces. Further, just over 888,000 of those injuries caused at least one day of work missed, equating to lost time, labor, and money for the company and the team member. Workplace safety incidents and injuries have been trending downward for the last decade. Still, even one workplace safety incident is one too many. Sure, standard safety and warning signs are adequate for alerting staff members of potential hazards. However, using LED safety signs in the workplace is a surefire way to reduce accidents and reap these additional, under-the-radar benefits.

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1) Next-Level Visual Communication

LED signs utilize their brightness and vivid imagery to grab the attention and reinforce their message to those who pass by. Humans are visually oriented learners, and their attention gravitates toward dynamic, visual cues. Attention-grabbing, illuminated messaging is crucial in dangerous environments where workers can often focus on their task at hand and not necessarily their safety — and the safety of others. Illuminated LED signage is just the tool for the job.

2) Amplified Alertness

Drowsiness and worker fatigue are significant catalysts of workplace-related accidents and injuries. In fact, worker fatigue costs U.S. employers $136 billion in health-related lost productivity, according to a workplace study from the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine. Further, the risk of injury is three times higher for nightshift workers than dayshift workers. As previously mentioned, LED safety signs in the workplace help capture workers' attention and reduce the risk of injury. This holds especially true for drowsy and fatigued workers. Any means that can help reduce worker fatigue and simultaneously amplify workers’ alertness for potential safety issues is a welcomed investment for employers.

3) Reminders of Best Practices, SOPs, and Regulations

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LED safety signs in the workplace that show company best practices, standard operating procedures (SOPs), or Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations can help keep your employees safe. Evergreen, essential messaging — such as reminders to keep a tidy workspace or directions for handling combustible materials — is an excellent place to start. Many employers use posters with this essential messaging to promote a safe workplace. However, soon after these posters are hung, they lose their appeal and fade out of employees’ awareness and, essentially, become part of the wall. Strategically placed, bright, well-designed messages capture attention and are less likely to fade into the workplace’s surroundings. This helps promote a safer workplace.

4) Enhanced Employee Engagement

Safety doesn’t have to be the boring topic employees dread taking on and talking about. Using humor in the digital messaging of your LED safety signs in the workplace is an easy way to boost engagement with safety and make the messaging more memorable. When you hear employees talking in the break room or amongst themselves on the floor about safety signage, you’ll know the message is taking root in their minds, and a healthy culture of safety is being created.

5) Positive Reinforcement

While it is critical that messages about safety, rules, and regulations are conveyed effectively, it’s also important to let employees know they are doing a great job abiding by them. Posting positive, real-time data regarding notable statistics — such as days without a safety-related incident or praising team members for accomplishments — on LED safety signs in the workplace is both a safety reminder and promotes a positive work experience.

Creating a safe workplace doesn’t happen on its own. The risks associated with the work environment must be evaluated and understood by everyone. Then, each team member must know safety procedures, how to execute them, and why they’re essential in the event of an accident or safety-related incident. Leveraging LED safety signs in the workplace is a crucial piece of creating a cohesive safety culture that allows every staff member to efficiently and safely complete their daily tasks.

Signal-Tech is the leading LED sign company for LED safety signs in the workplace. Implementing these signs will help keep employees safe, warn them of potential hazards, and provide numerous added benefits to any organization’s safety record. Are you ready to learn more about our LED workplace safety and warning signs? Contact us today to learn more!