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6 Must-Have LED Parking Garage Signs

Nov 8, 2021

6 Must-Have LED Parking Garage Signs Image

LED, illuminated parking garage signs are a cost-effective means to bolster the customer experience while providing easy-to-read, visual directions and improving safety. Below are six must-have signs to enhance the parking experience.

1) Space Available Signs

Spaces Available Image

Having a customer pull up to a parking facility only to be turned away because there are no spaces available is the fastest way to damage the customer experience. That’s not to say that having a full garage or lot is a bad thing; it means that your facility is busy and likely profitable! However, alerting customers that your facility has parking spots available, is filling quickly, or is full provides a great first impression and promotes an excellent customer experience. There is no better way to convey this critical information to customers than through space available signs.

Modern space available signs connect to car counting systems and provide real-time information about parking facility occupancy. The parking system transmits open space counts to the sign. In turn, the sign accepts and displays the transmission on the LED space available sign. If you’re looking to make a great first impression with your customers while creating a long-term plan to keep them happy, investing in space available signs with a car counting system is a superior choice.

2) Enter/Exit Signs

Once customers know there are parking spaces available (after reading the space available sign), they need to know where to enter the facility. LED parking garage signs reading “ENTER” clearly mark the parking garage or surface lot entrance from the street. These signs are very beneficial for facilities with multiple entrance lanes that open and close depending on how busy it is. And when it’s time for customers to leave the parking facility, LED parking garage signs reading “EXIT” are the best way to guide drivers to open exit lanes leading them out.

LED enter/exit signs are viewable in all light conditions, including direct sunlight, and should be appropriately weather-resistant, depending on the environment (indoor or outdoor) in which they’re mounted. They are energy-efficient and are the perfect product to guide motorists to the appropriate entrance or exit.

low clearance Image

3) Low-Clearance/Directional Bars

Not every vehicle is going to fit inside a multi-story parking facility. You can let motorists know if their vehicle will fit inside the facility by installing free-hanging, low-clearance bars at the facility’s entrance. These signs immediately let motorists know if their vehicle will fit inside the facility and help promote safety by avoiding vehicle damage and structural damage to the property. For instance, a low-clearance bar at the entrance of a facility reading, “CAUTION – CLEARANCE 8' 6”,” lets motorists in oversized vehicles know they will not fit in the parking garage.

In larger, more complex facilities, strategically placed, low-hanging clearance bars can also offer wayfinding instructions and directional lane guidance — such as “EMERGENCY LANE ONLY” or “DO NOT ENTER” — to motorists. This helps improve traffic flows and the overall efficiency of the parking facility.

4) Fee Display/Cashier Signs

After customers enter the parking facility, they will need to know where and how to pay for parking. LED fee displays or cashier signs point patrons to open cashier lanes or the automated payment station. Further, these signs can be customized to clearly display which lanes are open or closed, accept cash, credit cards, parking permits, or monthly passes only. And with fee display signs, customers can quickly see how much they owe when reaching the cashier or payment station. Fee display and cashier signs are customizable to meet unique needs and aesthetics, are readable in all lighting conditions, and are energy-efficient.

5) Directional Arrow Signs

In addition to wayfinding directional bars, directional arrow signs are an excellent way to help motorists navigate parking facilities. Implementing directional arrow signs helps ensure motorists know which lanes are open, which ones are closed, and how to find a parking spot or exit the facility. These parking garage signs, often displaying a green arrow (indicating the direction to be followed) or a red x (indicating traveling the wrong way), direct vehicles to their destinations and prevent vehicle collisions. By helping to control traffic flows within the facility, directional arrow signs are an excellent investment to protect motorists and pedestrians and minimize safety issues that lead to increased insurance premiums. And just like previously mentioned signage, directional arrow signs are readable in all lighting conditions and are energy-efficient.

Car Coming Image

6) Caution & Warning Signs

Nothing is as important as keeping those who enter a parking facility safe. One of the best ways to prevent accidents and promote safety in a parking lot or garage is to post LED caution and warning signs. These signs can be straightforward, such as an illuminated speed limit or pedestrian crossing sign, reminding motorists to be aware of their surroundings. Or, they can be complex systems combining LED parking garage signs with sensors to alert pedestrians and motorists that a car is coming at a blind corner. Further, they can be complemented with additional accessories, such as a flasher, beacon light, or audio alarm to enhance the warning.

Implementing these must-have LED parking garage signs is a foolproof way to enhance the functionality and profitability of any parking facility while simultaneously improving the customer experience and bolstering safety. Signal-Tech is the leading LED sign and solution company for the parking industry. If you're ready to enhance your parking facility with LED signage, our experts are ready to recommend the best possible signage solution to meet your current and future needs. Contact us today to learn more!